A not so mutual love...

February 25, 2010
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Someone once wrote “ Love is a war , Completely worth fighting for “ . That someone was me ,
But that was a few months ago . Now I’m not so sure that the man who wrote that quote , was right.
I don’t think I could have endured a moment more of what I’ve just finished going through. Over the
Course of the last three years , I have gone through the pain and suffering in which we call love.
The point of reading this story may seem pointless , and you know what ? It just might be pointless.
But if you really want to know what it’s like to be in love and to feel the pain and the hurting desire that
Comes with it , then you’ll continue reading. Boys and girls , here is my story.....

Chapter I : A fresh start.

August 28th 2006 , my alarm rang and I jumped out of bed like a kid at a candy store. Today was a
monumental day for me , a milestone in my life. Today my friends , was my first day of Junior High.
I was so excited and yet incredibly nervous. All I wished for was to be accepted by the social standards
of Junior High. I made my way downstairs to my kitchen table , fully dressed and ready to go. I had
a quick bowl of cereal and was anxious to get out the door. I would be starting this monumental day
with my brother , we are not the same age and we are not twins . Yet we fall in the same grade. So many
people think were twins and frankly it gets annoying. We just so happen to be 11 months apart , so we
fall in the same year. I had mixed emotions starting Junior High with him , because he’s my younger
brother and kind of annoying to be truthful with you. Well I didn’t have much of a choice , so I decided
make the best of it . So I put on my shoes ( brand new shoes , I might add ) and walked to the bus stop.
Which just so happened to be right at the corner of my street , so it was quite convenient for me . While
Waiting at the bus stop my legs were shaking with nerves , but my brain was racing with excitement.
Eventually , after what seemed to be hours the bus pulled up and I embarked on a journey that would
Eventually determine who I would become . While on the bus I took the first available seat and kept to
myself. The bus ride lasted an eternity but I did eventually arrive at what would now be called my home
away from home. I made my way into the front entrance of the school , soon to be part of the hugest
crowd of kids I had ever seen. All of the grade seven kids were all in front of the auditorium door
waiting to be let it , were we would be distributed into classes and receive are schedules. As soon as I
approached the crowd of kids I found my two best friends from grade six , Raheem and Chris. Raheem
was a bit of a show off but all in all was considerably a good kid. Chris on the other hand was also a good
kid but sometimes like to show his body weight and pick on people. I did find the good in him though
and that’s why I continued to be his friend. After we quickly caught up on each other’s summers we
were directed into the auditorium. I was soon taken out of the auditorium by my new homeroom
teacher Mr. Soussana. He was definitely not the most enthusiastic teacher. He was a French teacher
and monotone . Boring as can be . I spent the first two periods with him because it was the first day ,
and he informed everyone of how everything in the school worked. Although he was a boring teacher
the information he gave out was quite valuable . My third period which was the period before lunch ,
was spent in history class. Now Mr. Soussana could take a couple notes of this teacher. Mr. Leduc was
probably the funniest person I had ever met. Though he was funny , he also got the job done . Which is a
very important quality in a teacher. After spending an hour in his class , I was beginning to be very
excited for the rest of my classes.

Lunch was short and sweet. I spent it with Raheem and Chris because I still hadn’t really met any
new friends yet , which was understandable . I had fish for lunch , and i never eat fish . But this fish was
so amazing . I sound stupid but whatever fish and egg noodles. Best meal I think I’ve ever had . Anyways
I ended the day with Science class , seemed to be a normal class . But I didn’t at the time know that in that
Class was the guy who would become my best friend and the woman I would fall in love with. I took the
Same bus home and it dropped me off only feet away from my house. I walked in the door and told my
Mom all about my day. Back then I enjoyed the attention of my parents a lot more , now not so much.
I slept like a baby that night , walking from class to class was new for me , and boy was I exhausted.
At the same time I was more than excited for my second day of Junior High.

I woke up the following morning , almost just as excited as I was the day before. I stuck to myself
On the bus once again. That day I met some pretty cool new friends. I met who would become my new
Best friend. His name was Ralph and he was a pretty cool kid. I could tell by his presence that he was a
Pretty wealthy kid, but he wasn’t your usual snobby rich kid. He was actually pretty nice. We spent
Recess and lunch together and then attended third period science with him. In that class I met some
New People with Ralph. We met two pretty cool girls named Lidia and Veronica. The two girls seemed to
Be pretty cute and quite nice. I could definitely see myself hanging around with them a lot. After that
Class I attended English which wasn’t boring , but wasn’t all that interesting either . At the end of the
Day I was once again exhausted , but really happy that I met new friends.

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