Drunky's At Fault

February 25, 2010
I look around the room we used to share and sigh. Once again for, the millionth time today, tears form in my eyes. One by one they drop, slowly. I'm still wearing the ring you gave me. I stare at it, really hard and just like that the tears come just as hard as i stare. Suddenly my vision is cloudy. The room is dark and cold but no matter how hard i try , I can't leave it. Your scent Still lingers within the air around me. I hold my belly as if that was going to disappear too. Finally i get up and walk to your side of our bed. I lay down in your spot and sniff your pillow. Next I walk slowly to our closet and look at the clothes still hanging. Never been touched , since you've dry cleaned them last week. I take a whiff of you're favorite shirt, eyes still cloudy and full of tears.
"Mandy." I hear a voice saying my name from behind, but i don't turn around. My feet are planted.
"Mandy." There it is again.
"What do you want."
"We have to go. This isn't the right place for you to be right now."
"Why not? He told me to come and make sure his clothes were in the right order. He said he'll be back next week."
"Mandy listen to what you're saying. He's gone."
I don't reply. I just turn and walk out of our room. I have so much hatred for the drunky that did this. It's all his fault. The bump in my belly doesn't have you on earth to take care her. I don't have you to take care of me.?

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AnonymousOne said...
Jun. 5, 2011 at 10:46 pm
I got really confused as to what happened to the drunkard, but i liked the writing. The intro. sounded like a poem. I really liked the part about the tears falling as hard you stare. that was really good.
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