Prophecy chapter two part one

February 23, 2010
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“Ah. Ah. Ah! CHOO!” Ugh. I hate being sick. This is probably one of the worst parts of being mortal.
“Angela? Are you ok?” oh no! Mom heard me! I hate it when she finds out I’m sick! She uses remedies that aren’t even for whatever I’m sick from. Moreover, most of them are painful too.
“Angela I’m calling the school to let them know you aren’t coming today. Then we start your acupuncture session.”
“NOOOOOOOO! I hate acupuncture! How does sticking needles into my skin help me get any better? I just need a day to rest!” my mom came into my room with a hurt look across her face. Was that me who said that?
“Mom, I’m sorry but I don’t Ah ah ah CHOO! Need to be hurting as well as being sick. Pain upsets me and being upset will not help my immune system.”
Mom stood there thinking about it and then she said,
“Okay, I’ll just make you some soup then.”
She left and then my brother came in to torment me before he went to school. I coughed on him as a thank you present. He left and my mom entered with the soup. I saw the new guy out my window. My temperature burned. Why did it have to be me? Mom felt my forehead and decided that she should just let me be for the day. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I was standing on the same cloud as before. I saw him far away I reached out and called his name. How did I know his name if he had never told me? I was calling it and running as if I was running through syrup.
“Gabriel! Gabriel!”
He turned his head and before he could open those beautiful eyes, my mom started screaming my name out of nowhere I looked around frantically and I saw him take off without me.
“No! Gabriel! Wait!”
A violent shaking woke me up.
“Angela! Are you all right? Were you having a nightmare?”
“Mom. I’m fine, just stop waking me up. I need to rest.”
Mom’s face assured me that she was taking me to the doctor, TODAY. My doctor is nice and all, but he’s a little too caring about me. One time I had to kick him to let him know I have limits. I still don’t believe that mom thought she had to carry me there when I am capable of walking down the street. When we got there he gave me a full examination, and he asked my mom if there had been anything strange going on with me. I was silently pleading her to say no but my mom is one of those moms that say it anyway.
“When she sleeps it’s like watching a seizure. I’m wondering if we should go see a psychiatrist to get things off her mind.”
“Excellent idea. That would be the perfect help to a young woman to be able to get things off her chest.” Then he winked at me. I was more than irritated; now I was enraged. I’m not one of those people that just sit there and take it, I react. So, I punched him in the arm as hard as I could and I can punch pretty hard. Mom knew he did something first, so she didn’t do anything about yelling at me. I punched him again and he winced I punched him on the way out. Mom flew me back to the house and then she called a psychiatrist. I’m not ever telling anyone as long as I live that I see a psychiatrist. I slept for the rest of the night, when the sun came up someone knocked on the door. I got there just before Mom. There was a bouquet of moonflowers, a box of chocolates, and a get-well card. I took the stuff upstairs and opened the card. It said in the nicest handwriting I had ever seen, get well soon my sweet flower so that I may look upon your lovely face once more. Signed, Gabriel. So it wasn’t just me, he liked me too! I hid the card in the drawer that my mom can never find anything in. How did he know that moonflowers were my favorites? I opened the box of chocolates and found that every single one of them was filled with strawberry cream. I ate five and then hid the box too. I put my bouquet in the orange crystal vase that adorns the bookcase that stands in the corner of my room. I fell asleep and slept until nightfall.

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AjitN said...
May 5, 2010 at 5:32 am
That was really good. Your writing's great. Where's the rest of the series?
Yuelong replied...
May 5, 2010 at 4:00 pm
it's called the demons in angels,but that's only for the first chapter, both halves, i changed it to prophecy because it fits the story better.
yuekomai said...
Mar. 25, 2010 at 6:43 pm
i need feedback!
yuekomai said...
Mar. 18, 2010 at 6:13 pm
you are out there, please comment.
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