February 23, 2010
By OHMYliliana BRONZE, Cortlandt Manor, New York
OHMYliliana BRONZE, Cortlandt Manor, New York
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"Forever isn't a length of time, forever is the ability of patience."

Grabbing my Abercrombie and Fitch bag filled with my new school books, I shouted behind my shoulder as I quickly ran out the door after the sound of a door bell rang throughout the house. “Mom! Nikki’s here – talk to you later! Love you bye!” I quickly ran out of the house and smiled at the sight of my best friend, Nikki Sherilyn Wood.

This was my sophomore year at Lakeview High and I was pretty happy to no longer be a freshman. My shoulder-length light brown hair blew as a breeze hit, it was only the beginning of September and it was still pretty nice out. Nikki and I had been best friends since first grade and we’ve been inseparable ever since. “So Mel, class schedule?” Nikki was the only one who could call me Mel – everyone else needed to be proper and call me Melissa. I began to dig through my bag and finally caught my schedule. “Well let’s compare now shall we?” I took Nikki’s schedule and quickly compared the two.

I finally looked up with a proud smile, “Alright, Algebra, Biology, Lunch, and good ‘ol Spanish.” I handed her back the schedule and continued walking. We were only a good ten minutes away from our High School by walking. Nikki didn’t do much talking which I loved because I get headaches quite easily. We were already on school grounds when my cell phone began to ring. Looking up at the number, I sighed. It was Daniela. I looked at Nikki and sighed as I answered.

Daniela was busy chatting away as I just blanked out from her rants. I put my end on mute as I headed to my homeroom. I said bye to Nikki as she walked off to her class and I just hung up on Daniela – it was okay since the school really never had service. I took a seat and smiled as I sat next to my crush, Chace. He and I had been friends since third grade and I will never find a greater guy friend. I turned my torso towards his direction and spoke softly, “Hey Chace how was your summer?” Last I had heard was that he had gone to Florida the whole summer – lucky f*****.

“Oh, it was pretty awesome. Miami was cool, I’m glad to be home though.” I hope he didn’t tell I was just staring at his eyes for his short statement. I looked back as if I were listening and smiled again. “That’s great Chace; I just hit the beach – a lot.” I laughed softly and turned back into my seat as the worst possible homeroom teacher walked in – Ms. Rago. She was already handing out all this paperwork, our locker numbers, emergency contact forms, the usual. I sighed and searched my bag for a pen. I really shouldn’t use pens; I always ended up chewing the hell out of them.

Homeroom dragged on and finally that first bell rang and I had never been so happy. I walked out with Chace and his locker was only a few down, Larson and Matthews. Ugh, how I hated my last name. They gave me the initials MEL, which happened to be nickname. I put in my combo and dumped all my s*** into my locker. Grabbing a fresh notebook, a Bic Pen, and my cell phone, I shut my locker and walked down the halls with Chace by my side again. In my mind all I thought was, we look like we’re together, so why won’t he ask me out already? I then picked up on the conversations around us. “He’s back! Who would have thought Mr. Perfect would return to this place?” I rolled my eyes, they were probably just exaggerating. As I turned the hall I had noticed that Nikki had returned to my side. I smiled softly knowing that she would know of the mysterious Mr. Perfect.

“So Nix, what’s the news on Mr. Perfect?” Nikki wasn't expecting me to bring that one of course. I never really did care for school gossip. In my eyes, Mr. Perfect was Chace. I blushed before getting my answer. “Are you serious!? You know the Morettis? They’re back with their youngest, Antony. Last I heard they weren’t coming back because of how broken hearted he was when Tiff left.” I had once again rolled my eyes. I thought we were finally rid of Antony Moretti.

Antony had dated Tiffany back in sixth grade and was going out with her until eighth. Tiffany’s father died and a part of her did, too. He was killed in a freak accident and no one really knows what happened. But, it hurt Tiff and Antony huge. Tiff was one of my best friends and I miss her so bad. Tiff and her family moved out to California and that left Antony heartbroken. He had then left to Italy with his family. I never thought that their family would return.

As Chace left, he turned into our hallway. My pulse had begun racing as soon as I saw him. He had gotten really uh, hot. I felt like I lost a heartbeat as I turned to Nikki. I then pushed her in front of me to head into our Biology class. I kept my head down as we began to walk past him and I believed I was free until his strong grip was around my wrist. C***. I smiled as looked up at him and his blue eyes were just amazing. I never really remembered how handsome he was. He smiled his amazingly white smile as I just stared up at amazement. I felt like an idiot as Nikki just went on without me. “Longtime Melissa.” His voice was so smooth, so confident. I always liked how charming he was, but when he was at school he was with Tiff. I wouldn’t hurt her by wanting her boyfriend. But, she isn’t here anymore.

The author's comments:
I have always wanted to do a teen romance story. It's not exactly romantic in the beginning, but I wanted more feedback from the beginning first.

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on Mar. 15 2010 at 6:09 am
You are writing more this is incredible. I love it.


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