The Story You Told Me

February 9, 2010
By serendipitous615 PLATINUM, Frederick, Maryland
serendipitous615 PLATINUM, Frederick, Maryland
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"Do you want to know the secret of self esteem? Here it is: If you want confidence, then understand how much you matter to God. If God loves you, who cares what anybody else thinks."

You told me a story about a boy and a girl who wanted nothing more than to be together. You said that the girl’s father didn’t like the boy. He didn’t because they boy broke the rules. But little did the father know that the boy broke them to be with the girl. So the boy broke one huge rule. You said it was sneaking away with the girl at ten past midnight.

You told me that the girl was beautiful and that they boy didn’t deserve her. But you said that the girl was stubborn and wouldn’t let the boy leave her. Which was good because he was madly in love with the girl, so much in love that he was going to run away with her at ten past midnight.

But you said that the girl was afraid. She didn’t want to get caught and never be able to see the boy again. But the boy told her to trust him and he wants nothing more than for them to be together.

So you said the girl said that she trusted the boy and she loved him so much she was going to run away with him so she could make it so they will be together.

At ten past midnight the boy met the girl outside of her window and he kissed her. He asked the girl if she was positive she wanted to go and she said yes. You said that the boy could’ve jumped for joy he was so happy. The boy took the girl by her hand and ran with her.

You said they ran for days. Days filled with fear of the unknown and excitement for it too. You said the boy even carried the girl some of the way so that she could rest.

I told you that that boy was such a gentleman and you laughed and said he was.

You said the boy didn’t know where they were going. But the girl reassured him they were going to find a place where they can happily be together forever.

So the boy turned to the girl and gave her a sorry smile. He told her there was no place on the Earth where they could forever happily be together.

The girl understood and said to the boy that they don’t have to stay on earth.

You asked me if I wanted you to continue and I said yes.

So the boy looked at the girl and told her they could fly to heaven together. She, who you said should’ve had more common sense, said that that’s where they will go.

You said the boy picked up the girl and brought her to the edge of the cliff feet in front of them.

I grabbed your hand

So the boy set the girl down and kissed her one last time. He told her he loved her and she said he could tell her that in heaven.

You said that she smiled at him one last time before the two of them jumped to the ground far below them, to be together…

You told me that the plan they had didn’t work out like they thought. You said the girl opened her eyes to a cold dirt ground and the love of her life lying lifeless beside her.

You said she screamed for help and that she cried. You told me she was hurt. Hurt so badly that she couldn’t walk. But what hurt the most was her heart.

The girl made it and the boy didn’t. He ended up in heaven and she in the hospital.

You told me that the boy said to the girl that she still looked beautiful even with death by her side. That she made hospital gowns and IV’s look good. She laughed when the boy told her this and she asked him where he came up with such a sad story…

But then the nurse walked in and I turned to face her. And when I asked if my boyfriend could stay to finish the story the nurse said sadly that my boyfriend has died in a freak accident. But confused I looked back to where my boyfriend was and saw nothing but an empty chair.

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Emilia901 GOLD said...
on Jul. 6 2010 at 12:56 pm
Emilia901 GOLD, Moreno Valley, California
11 articles 4 photos 67 comments

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"Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures." Jessamyn West was sad...but still enjoyable all the same. =^_^=

on Mar. 3 2010 at 9:14 am
SmilingFool GOLD, Merrickville, Other
10 articles 0 photos 22 comments

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There is no certainty, only opportunity
- V for Vendetta

Tragically beautiful <3

on Mar. 2 2010 at 7:42 am
LostAngel DIAMOND, Jersey, New Jersey
65 articles 0 photos 89 comments

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"Just live your life, if people don't like the way you are doing it then they can get out of it" "if you can't stand me at my worst you dont deserve me at my best"

awwwwwwwwww that was so cute, yet sad, but it was amazing keep writing


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