Gabriel and David

February 15, 2010
By almaperdida BRONZE, Lisbon, Connecticut
almaperdida BRONZE, Lisbon, Connecticut
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He held me. “Hush. It’ll be ok.” I shook as I spoke, “I’m scared.” He brushed the hair out of my eyes and behind my ear, “Gabriel, I’ll be gentle. I promise.” I looked back at him, “David…I…” He kissed me; I couldn’t help but moan into his soft mouth. He released me, “Trust me, please.” I lightly placed my lips atop his, “I do” He sat up and kneeled, “Roll over babe.” I slowly turned as I tried to control my shaking. He grabbed the K.Y. from the night stand and gently opened my legs. I whimpered as he gently rubbed the cold jell between my cheeks. He kissed my lower back, “Hush Gabriel.” He gently stroked the line between my ass cheeks and poked me. I pulled back, he sighed, “Gabriel, you need to relax,” he lay down partly on me and stroked my back, “or it’ll hurt, and I don’t want to hurt you babe.” “I’m sorry” He kissed between my shoulder blades, “Don’t be. You’ll be fine, just relax.” I nodded, “ok babe” He kneeled between my legs, “Hun, you need to get on your knees and put your ass out, it’ll be easier and less painful.” I breathed, “Yes master.” He smirked, “Good pet.” He squirted more K.Y. in to his palm and stroked his hard cock. “You’re so tempting Gabriel. I can’t wait to take you.” I sighed, “Then do it” I let my body go limp as he rubbed the head of his cock to my ass. I gasped as he pushed farther into me. I felt hot tears burn my eyes, “David” I cried. He stroked my ass tenderly, “Hush Gabriel. I know it hurts the first time. Please forgive me for all this pain.” He reached his hand up to mine; I took it, “I forgive you. Now give me more.” I nearly screamed when he started ramming himself into me. It was twisted, the pain the pleasure, it was confusing to me but I liked it. I liked the feeling of being loved painfully, the numbing love was all I ever wanted, all I wanted was David. He kept his hand in mine and didn’t move it away when I tightened my grip. The pain was less and less the longer we went on, I found he had a rhythm, he gently stroked me inside and out. His hand stayed on my ass and just rubbed slowly and his cock slide in and out of me. He slid in one final time, took my hips, and gasp, “I’m cumming.”, as I felt his hot seed fill me. He lay next to me, gathered my quivering body in his arms and just held me. We slept like this till the sound of an alarm clock woke us from our dreams of each other.

The author's comments:
I grew up around gay relationships and I love yaoi.

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on Sep. 11 2010 at 9:40 pm
i agree with jbutterfly10 that waz graphic. wered u get ur inspiration?????????????????????????

on Mar. 7 2010 at 1:36 pm
jbutterfly10 GOLD, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
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Ok, that was graphic


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