Love on Base Chapter 2

February 12, 2010
By Anonymous

When I reached the center, I parked Justin’s Hummer, and walked into the office. My father’s office was on the floor above the center, he told me he put it there because it made him feel young. First, I went up stairs to my father’s office and knocked on the door.

“Come in Samantha,” I heard him say.

“Hey dad! How’d you know it was me?” I asked.

“I saw you step out of that Hummer there,” he said pointing to his window, “and now I’m wondering what you were doing driving that huge Hummer in the first place.”

“Well, this morning I was trying to start my car and I realized I needed an oil change. I didn’t have time to-“ I was cut off by a knock on the door.

“Come in,” my father said.

“Major General, this young Private was 5 minutes late to his first training course. I’ve decided as punishment he should present himself to you and give his impossible story to you. It’s the largest and most elaborate lie I have ever heard!” said First Sergeant Piozzi, “he claims your daughter is his neighbor and I know that’s a lie because he doesn’t live near your house at all. He lives in those townhouses on the opposite side of the base. This lying piece of scum shouldn’t be in the military.”

“Yes, but yesterday Samantha moved into one of the townhouses,” my father replied.

“Here Justin, thanks for letting me borrow your car so I wouldn’t miss my class. I’m sorry I caused you all this trouble. If I’d known, I wouldn’t have put such a burden on you,” I said.

“Thanks, I though the army was suppose to help and protect others,” he said.

“First Sergeant, I believe an apology is in order for my friend here,” I said.

He looked at my dad and said, “Sir is this really necessary?”

“Yes it is,” I replied, “that’s an order.”

“Sorry for accusing you of lying,” he said, “but don’t ever be late to my training course again. Maggot.”

“Yes, sir,” he said standing strong and staring just a little bit above parallel with his chin tilted up a little.

“Well, if you’ll excuse me. I’m gonna go catch up on my scuttlebutt,” I said, “actually, I’m gonna get my car first. Is it at my house, or where ever your training course is?”

“It’s at the training course ma’am,” he said not event braking his intense position.
“At ease soldier,” I said, “Now, if you will assist me in retrieving my car as your punishment.”
“Ma’am yes ma’am,” he replied following me out of the room.
Once the elevator doors closed I laughed a little,
“What’s so funny?” he asked.
“You were great in there!” I said, “very good acting.”
“What do you mean?” he asked.
“You were treating me as though I have military authority. I think I played my part fairly well, too,” I said.
“I always figured you did,” he said.
“No, although being the Major General’s daughter has its perks,” I said sliding into his car, “I have no real military authority.”
“So, you’re the daughter of the Major General,” he said pondering the thought of it, “you don’t look anything like him.”
“I look a lot like my mom did,” I replied.
“Did?” he asked
“She passed away a few years ago. My father doesn’t want me to leave and go live somewhere other than the base until I’m like married or something. You see, my brother enlisted right after high school. He’s been in for 7 years, right now he’s station at Fort Hood,” I told him.
“Wow, well, I guess everybody’s got a past,” Justin said.
“Well, since everybody’s got a past, what was yours like?” I asked quizzically.
“I’ve been an army brat my whole life, both my parents were in though. My mom died in action in the 9/11 attacks. That’s when we where station in D.C. My dad got out soon after my mom’s death, because they said he was too unstable to stay in. I was in 5th grade then. I lived a fairly normal life in Kennesaw, Georgia after that. I enlisted after 2 years of taking a break from school. And now, I’m 20 living at Fort Benning,” he said.
“Ok, enough with this depressing past talk,” I said, “I gotta get back to the center to work around all the newbies.”
“Well, I guess we’re heading to the same place,” he said.
“Ok well, thanks for letting me use your car today,” I said, “Guess I’ll meet ya back at the center.”
He grabbed my hand before I got out of the car and said, “Thanks

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on Mar. 8 2010 at 10:39 am
TheReader SILVER, Avon, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Go for whatever you want, even if your friends aren't backing you up. "

Loved it! It was so cute! Can't wait to hear what happens next!


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