Love on Base Chapter 1

February 12, 2010
By Anonymous

I woke up this morning in my new townhouse and walked into my kitchen to start the coffee maker, while I took a shower. Why did Mondays have to be so hard to get up for? I went up stairs to get ready, because I had a class at the university I had to get to. I’m only going to college part time, so I can continue working at the “welcome center” of the base. It was really just a place for the new members to come hang out and get information about recent events.
I was running a little behind this morning so I had a cup of coffee and a Nutrigran bar and headed out to my truck. Sticking the key into the ignition, I turned it to hear my truck stall. I looked at the dash board to see a flashing red light telling me I need to change my oil.
“Come on Bert! Not today!” I yelled at him. Yes I really did name my truck Bert.

There was a tap on my window. When I looked to see who it was, I saw a tall, very muscular man, with blonde hair and icy blue eyes that could melt your heart. I gently opened the door and stepped out.

“Is something wrong?” he asked

“Yeah Ber-, my truck needs an oil change.

“I can get that done for you. It’ll take about 15 minutes,” he said, “Bert will be good as new.”

“Well I don’t have 15 minutes. My class starts in 15 minutes. I gotta get to the college ASAP.” I stated.

“Here take my car,” he said, “I’ll fix your car and you take mine so you won’t miss your class.”

“So you’re just gonna gimme the keys to your car,” I said confused.

“Well, I think an introduction is necessary before hand,” he said, “but from the looks of it I guess you’re a military wife since you have to balls to drive a truck with this much power.”

“Close, I’m an army brat, lived on the base my whole life. My name is Samantha, but you can call me Sam,” I said.

“Private Justin Becker, at your service, now take these keys and get to your class,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said taking the keys and grabbing my book bag from my car.

He opened the car door and said, “Have a good day,” and closed the door.”

I pulled out of the drive way in his huge Hummer, and got to my class right on time thanks to Justin.

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