Love on Base

February 12, 2010
By , Newton, NJ
Living in Fort Benning. It’s definitely safe and secure. My dad is having me attend Columbus State University since it’s only ten minutes away from where I’ve lived my whole life. My father is Major General Jonathan M. Daniels, runs the base here.
My brother, Major Scott C. Daniels, followed in my father’s footsteps and joined the military right after high school. He is now stationed at Fort Hood, in Texas. I call him every so often to check up on him and see how he’s doing.
I chose a different path though. I decided I wanted to be like my mother. When she was alive, she was a 1st grade teacher at the local elementary school. My mother passed away about 3 years ago and it has been hard on all of us, but especially my father. He told me she was the first and last woman he would ever love with his whole heart.
My father is standing behind me in my choice to go to college and become a teacher, the only thing is, and he wants me to still live on the base. Living on a military base, you pick up certain tactics over the years. My favorite is compromising and doing what I have to get it in my favor. The compromise was that I’d go to Columbus State if I get to live in the 1 bedroom townhouses on base. My father finally cracked and gave in.
When trying to compromise, you must leave certain parts out, like how there are many new recruits that move in there that are around my age. I’m sure my father will figure that out soon enough, but by then it will be too late. Now, this is where my story begins…..

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