The Color Red

February 10, 2010
By , Madera, CA
All it took was one summer. One summer to fall in love, one summer to see the world in a different light, one summer to see the color red more than I ever wanted too, and one summer to know what crying really was.

I pushed my long blond hair back with all five fingers of my right hand as I sat in the pews of the church. I look down at the white funeral program that lay on my black dress that touched just short of my knees. My heart-shaped face stained with tear trails, and my eyeliner just slightly smudged. An autumn breeze swept threw the empty church. A few tears dripped from my chin to the program on my lap, my bottom lip beginning to clam from its frantic quivers, my breathing almost under control once more. I relaxed my body against the long benches back rest. I let my head rock back a bit farther until my eyes met the ceiling. Its soft dark wood color was soothing. My mind started to drift back in time to three months before almost to the hour. I closed my eyes imagining I was back in the very moment, just before my life had truly begun.

“So, who’s coming?” Cole said trying to contain her excitement. “Daph!” she yelled

“What” I said in a high voice.

“Whose coming” she wined dramatically
I rolled my eye’s giving her a secretive smile, then winking. She was talking about my end of the year party. I’ve had one every year since 8th grade, inviting only the most popular in the school. Last year when the chess club tried sneaking in the football jocks threw them in the swimming pool then forced them to dance to who let the dogs out.

“Daphne” a familiar deep-velvet voice called bringing me out of my thoughts. “About your party is your dad really getting Katy Perry to perform?” kneeling in front of my desk was none other then Ryder Paxton, captain of the football team, most popular senior, his Ice blue eyes staring right into my forest green eyes. His short dirty blond almost brown hair perfect, he strikes a seemingly scary resemblance to Paul Walker.

“Maybe…” I flashed a flirty smile.

“Ah girl, don’t leave me hanging.” He matched my smile.

“I’ll tell you what if you if she does come, I’ll introduce you okay.”

“SWEET!” he said balling his hand in a fist, making a hammer motion in excitement.
As the bell for lunch rang everyone swarmed the snack bars. I took a seat next to Cole on the rounded lunch table. Most of the girls where jealous of her tiny 5 foot 2 frame, deep brown eyes, olive complexion, and perfect dark brown auburn hair that touched just shy of her shoulders, I was about the only girl who didn’t hate her. Though I had no room to talk because well every girl at Ridgeway High School both hated and wanted to be me even more so then Cole, I was voted best all around since freshman year. This year I was voted best dressed, best eye’s, and best smile on top of best all around. I knew junior year was going to be my year I told myself.

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