Foreign Love: Chapter 3

February 14, 2010
When class was finished I went into the hallway to find that James followed me. I turned around and looked him straight in his golden eyes which made me ease up my gaze and say “How come we have the same classes?” “Maybe because we have the same interests or something.” “Ugh fine just follow me.” I walked down the hallway to find that everybody in the hallway were staring at us and whispering.

Finally I reached our second classroom and said “Here’s Math Hell!” He just laughed and sat next to me-again. This pretty much continued through the whole day, until it was time to leave. I got home at the same time as he did. Before I was about to walk into my house he ran to me. He actually RAN to me!

“Hey.” “Uh, hey.” “Look I was wondering if I could come over your house so we can study together” he said while showing his perfect white smile. “Uh let me just check with my mom, so just stay…there.” He smiled a huge smile and stayed put while I went inside.

“Hey mom, you know the new kid that just moved in, right? Well he asked if he could come over to study with me.” “Oh well that sounds great, honey. Sure he can come over!” In a way I was expecting myself to be mad but I was kind of glad I got to spend time with him.

Lightly a smile spread across my face. I turned back around to go and tell James that he can come over. But he was already inside. “Uh were you eavesdropping?” I asked while crossing my arms and raising an eyebrow. “Fine, fine, fine I was.” “That’s what I thought! Then follow me-again.” He did as I said and followed me upstairs.

I showed him a short tour of my room and then we sat on my bed. We took out our books, notebooks and pens. “So what do you want to study?” I asked. “Well let’s try math hell homework!” he said while laughing and as did I. It was actually pretty easy finishing homework with somebody else helping you. I actually kind of understood math hell homework! I guess James wasn’t so bad after all.

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