Foreign Love Part Two: Chapter 1

February 17, 2010
By JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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I found myself lying on my bed with my pj’s on. Plus, my head hurt as did my knee. What happened? I asked myself. I stood up from my bed and looked out the window. James’s house was empty. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No furniture, no light or any anything!

Things’ were so weird. I walked out my bedroom door and rushed outside. I crossed well practically limped the street to James’s house. I walked up the steps and knocked really hard. No one answered. What the heck was going on!?

In my time of need when I needed James the most he’s gone. He moved without telling me anything, not even a good-bye! I need to find him and fast. I rushed back to my house, took a shower, got dressed and packed my clothes in my suitcase. I grabbed my mom’s keys, packed about half of what was in the fridge and took 2,000 bucks from my mom’s purse.

I climbed into my mom’s Honda and drove off. I rose on the freeway with the windows open because I had to clear my head. As I continued driving it felt like my memory started coming back.

I remember me skipping school and sneaking over to James’s house. I remember the picture of me with the words “terminate” above it. Then James was chasing me and the guy he was talking to came up in front of me. James told me what he was and that he loved me after making the guy pass out. He kissed me for the first time but then he sprayed me with that stuff and left me.

Well at least now I remembered what happened. I needed to find that agency that he worked for. I sped up even faster. I had to put the clues together and find the guy I loved. I wasn’t going to let him give up on me so fast.

I parked in a gas station. While I was filling up the car with gas I was thinking of everything that I saw in that room. There were a lot of boxes and cases. There were a whole bunch of buttons and sticky notes everywhere. I tried to remember what each post-it said. I kept thinking and thinking until I finally remembered one that was really important. There was a bright green post-it that said “Head Quarters: New York City, New York, Times Square the Nintendo Store. Ask for: Matthew.”

I finally have it! Weird place but I need to get to him. I finished putting gas into the car and got into the car. I raced onto the freeway and went as fast as I could but being careful not to get caught by the cops. I raced past cars so smoothly. I was pretty good at driving. Now all I had to do was race to New York City and get my James back.

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