Foreign Love: Chapter 13

February 17, 2010
I woke up to my alarm clock. I quickly stood up and rushed to my window. James had already woken up I guess. I was so confused. What was going on? I had to find out-soon.

I kept staring out my window and then I heard someone whistling. I looked all around and couldn’t see anybody. Then I heard again. I looked down below to find James whistling. He looked really good today. His hair was shining perfectly. His skin looked really smooth. He had a black v-neck, some white skinnies and some black converse. I wanted to be next to him and touch him really bad. It’s like I’d forgotten everything that happened last night and the weird dream. I was hypnotized by his beauty. I kept leaning in closer and closer, until I finally fell. Luckily James was there and he caught me.

“Thanks!” I said breathless. “No problem” he said showing his perfect smile. “I guess you’re still really sleepy!” “I guess” I lied. He laughed and put me down. I was still crazy I guess because I hugged him out of nowhere. At first he didn’t know what to do. But then he laughed and hugged me back. I squeezed tighter. I loved the way he felt. So soft and warm. It felt like nothing could hurt me in his arms. I breathed in and loved it. He laughed again. I reluctantly let go.

“What was that for?” he asked. Well there were a couple reasons why. First you seemed hurt yesterday. Second you look really good today and I’m sort of hypnotized right now. And third you saved my life again. “Well I wanted to thank you for saving me again.” “Well no problem!”

“So what do you want to do today?” he asked. “Well first I want to take a shower and get dressed. Then eat breakfast and brush my teeth. Then we can go kayaking” I said. “Sounds good!” he said with a smile. When I finished brushing my teeth I joined James.

“Ready?” I asked. He looked at me up and down. He then smiled as he reached my face again. “You look amazing!” he said. “Thanks. You’re not so bad yourself!” I said while walking out the door and he followed me. “Let’s take my car” he said. “Kay” I replied.

We jumped into his black convertible. I put on my sunglasses. He drove off to the freeway. As the wind rushed through my hair I raised my arms up and screamed. James laughed and did the same but with only one hand. I was having a blast. James was awesome. I loved him but in a guy friend kind of way.

Kayaking was really fun. We splashed water at each other a few times and had some hot dogs for lunch. On our way back I got a phone call from Rick. “Hey Rick.” “Hey Tiph. What’s up?” “Nothing just hanging out with James. We just came back from kayaking.” “Oh cool. Well I got to go. Talk to you later bye.” That was weird he just called for that. There’s something wrong.

“Who was that?” James asked. “Oh just Rick.” “Cool.” We reached our houses and said good bye. I turned in early to think about what’s been going on with Rick. Tomorrow at school I needed to have a serious talk with him. And I had to find out what James is up to too.

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