Foreign Love: Chapter 7

February 16, 2010
I woke breathing really hard. I was sweating like crazy. I couldn’t believe what I had just dreamt about. I didn’t want it to be true. I couldn’t be true-it just couldn’t. James seemed so nice and what did he mean by ‘it’s my job’? I just hope it’s not true.

I stood up and looked at my clock. It was so early. Oh well I’ll just get ready earlier because now I won’t be able to sleep. I took a long I mean long hot shower. Then I got dressed put on my make-up and went downstairs. I silently ate my Fruit Loops cereal while watching TV. I was exhausted as I lay on the couch. I was about to doze off when my mom came downstairs and said “Honey what are you doing up so early?”

“Oh I just had a nightmare and decided to get ready early since I couldn’t sleep afterwards.” “Oh well what it was about?” she asked while squinting her eyes. “Oh well I don’t remember really” I lied. “Ok well just try and relax ok?” she suggested. “Yup mom!” I said while resting my head on the couch.

I was just staring at the wall the whole time. At least I didn’t have school. I finally got tired of looking at the wall and went up to my room. I turned on my radio to my favorite bands starting with The City Is At War by Cobra Starship to calm down my nerves.

I heard a loud thump at my window just as I lay on my bed. I walked over to my window to find James throwing rocks at my window. I opened my window and said “What?” “I wanted to come over!” he yelled. “Why didn’t you just go to the door?” I yelled back. He just shrugged and smiled. “I’ll be right there!” I yelled. Instead of going to the door I felt like having some fun so I climbed down the tree that was in front of my window.

“Uh” he said with a questioning look. I went from branch to branch until I finally reached the bottom to where James was. “Interesting!” he said with a smile. “Yup!” I replied. “So I was thinking since we are both outside to go walk at the beach.” “NO!” I yelled. “Ok?” he said. “Sorry I’d just rather go to the park instead, that’s all!” I said not wanting to go to the beach where I die.

“Yeah that sounds good too!” he said while smiling. “Great!” I replied with a smile too. We started walking along the sidewalk. “Well how long do you want to be there?” he asked. “Maybe just half an hour and then come back to check the movies.” “Kay.”

We finally reached the park. It was such a beautiful day. All the plants were green, the sky was really blue, you could hear the birds chirping and you could smell the fresh breeze. “Wow it’s such a beautiful day!” he said with a smile. “Definitely!” I replied as I started walking towards the lake.

The lake was not as clear as other waters. It had more of a brown tone to it and it had ducks swimming all over it. They were pecking at soggy bread that was thrown at them to eat. I sat on the nearest bench and James followed me. He sat next to me and did the whole “stretching” thing.

“Really James?” I asked while looking at his arm that was behind me. “What?” he asked like he wasn’t doing anything. I just rolled my eyes and grabbed his arm and put it down against his side. “Oh that’s what!” he said while laughing. I couldn’t help but laugh either.

“You’re funny you know that?” I said. “I am? Wow that’s great!” he said with a smile. I just nodded yes and smiled. We sat there looking at the ducks until James said “We should probably start leaving to go choose a movie to see.” I stood up and started walking instead of saying anything. He quickly caught up to me. I decided to have a little fun with him. So I started running knowing he would follow me. I was first runner up for each school race so he better be fast to beat me.

My legs moved very fast. The wind swooshed my hair behind me and I could smell the fresh breeze coming at my face. I looked back as I kept running and saw him running towards me with a huge smile. “Try and catch up!” I yelled. He started moving is arms back and forth. I turned back around and started moving my legs even faster. I was having a pretty good lead so I decided to slow down just a little bit and turn around to see him. James was just running. I kept staring at him but then his expression suddenly changed. His face looked like it was in complete horror. I looked at him confused. I started slowing down but he started running really I mean really fast. Then I heard a loud honk. I turned around and saw a car swerving out of control coming towards me.

My legs couldn’t move. In a matter of seconds I would be dead. I shut my eyes closed hearing the honk again followed my screeches. Then suddenly something threw me to the ground. I opened my eyes to find James on top of me. I was on the street and James was on top of me staring at me. I turned my head to the side and found the car that was about to hit me crashed against the side of the local library. It all happened so fast it took me a while to take it all in.

“Are you ok?” James whispered. “Uh yeah I think so.” “You sure?” he asked again. “Well thanks to you” I whispered while turning my head back to face him. “Oh it was nothing” he answered with a smile. “W-W-What do you mean nothing!? You saved my life. I could have been dead if it wasn’t for you!” I yelled. “Ok, ok, ok ssshhh! It was my pleasure to save your life” he said with a smile. I smiled. James stood up from on top of me and stretched out his arm and offered his hand to me. I couldn’t get up. My body ached a lot. “Here let me help you” he offered.

He kneeled down reached underneath my back and lifted me up. “Thanks” I whispered. “No problem” he whispered back with a smile. He kept holding me close to him and walked to the crashed car. When we reached the car the driver stepped out of the car with a few cuts on his hand. “Are your ok sir?” James asked with a hint of worry in his voice. “Yeah I’m fine. What about you two kids?” he asked. “We’re fine.”

All three of us walked over (James carried me) to the next car. This car was crashed against a tree with shattered windows as a twenty year old woman stepped out. “Are you ok?” the man asked. “I think so. Just a few cuts. What about you two?” she asked looking in our direction. “We’re fine.” “Ok good. Well I’m going to call 911 and get some help” the lady said while reaching back into her car and grabbing her purse. She pulled out an iphone and dialed 911.

My body hurt a lot. I had a few scraped on my face and on my arm. Plus I was really tired. I rested my head against James body and closed my eyes. He used one of his hands to smooth my hair and try and calm me down. I sighed and breathed in more of his spearmint and Dolce and Gabbana scent. He seemed to notice-again and laughed. I silently laughed too and drifted off to sleep.

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GirlInTheBeanie This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 21, 2010 at 11:14 pm
ehh... commas, as i said, but also dashes, like when she's thinking, "He seemed to notice-- again-- and laughed." would be better, i think... you'd probably work better with these dashes, too.. might want to come up with more creative lines when he saves her life... other than that, i liked it! (it's iPhone, btw.. sorry, just saying) =.=
contrygurl replied...
Mar. 7, 2010 at 5:51 pm
wow that was sorta harsh i know ur trying to help her out but its an awesome story! its not exactly all abot commas and dashes!
JohnnyDeppLover123 replied...
Mar. 13, 2010 at 4:41 pm
omg thank you so much for saying that!!! that just made u soooo much better!!! i just don't get it...
oh and at first i thought u were talking about me being harsh!!! lol hahaha wow
contrygurl replied...
Mar. 14, 2010 at 5:03 pm
ur welcome!!!!!anything to help out an awesome writter!
JohnnyDeppLover123 replied...
Mar. 19, 2010 at 4:23 pm
aw thx so much!!!!
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