Summer Romance

February 16, 2010
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I was on my way with my family to our summer home on the coast. It is six hours from my friends, cousins, pets, and pretty much everything. I enjoyed summers there when I was younger but now, fifteen years old, being on the beach with my parents wasn't my idea of a good time. On top of having to live in the summer house all season, my parents have decided to move out of our main house to one out of my school district. This summer couldn't get any worse.

We finally got to the summer house. It looked totally different. I remembered it being a mansion on the beach, pearly white with flowers. Now it looked like just a small white cottage. Paint was peeling and the fence was broken in areas. The house had been passed down from generation to generation which obvious by its appearance. The house had just two bedrooms, one and a half bathes, a kitchen. It had a wrap around porch with ocean views. I opened the door to my room, threw my bags on the floor and jumped on the bed. I unpacked my bags, helped my parents unpack and got everything set up for the summer. By the time we were done it was late. I was tired from the long car ride. I laid in my small twin bed and looked at the ceiling until I fell asleep.

The sun was bright the next morning so sleeping in was not possible. I woke up to a cold ocean breeze and my mom’s loud cooking in the kitchen. I ate her blueberry pancakes with a

glass of homemade orange juice. After that I took a quick shower and freshened up. I couldn't dwell on how much I didn’t want to be here. I needed to just put a smile on and try to have a good time. I can’t just sulk for three months.

I got the old fashioned bike out of the shed. It had a woven basket on the front. I hopped on and started peddling up the hill toward town where there were a few shops, a market, a deli, a flower store, and a pharmacy. I needed to get something at the deli for dinner tonight. I got hamburger meat and some candy bars for the ride back. I looked up and saw a tall boy with blonde hair and blue eyes stocking the shelves. It was the first time I had ever seen him. I quickly looked down and kept walking. I didn't want to stare but it was hard not to. The cashier rang up my items; I was almost out of the door but had to look back. When I did he looked straight at me and smiled. Smiling quickly back I was out the door and on the bike again. He was cute; the whole way back to the cottage all I wanted to do was go back to see him.

A few days later we needed meat for dinner again. Of course, I offered to get it. I ran to my room to freshen up. Hopefully, he would be there. I walked in and he wasn’t in sight. I picked up the meat, paid and was leaving when I felt a soft tap on my shoulder. It was he. I saw "Charlie" on his nametag. He was on break so he offered to take me down the block for a Pepsi. We talked

and found that we had a lot in common. The sun was going down and I needed to take the meat home. I couldn't help but smile the whole way back. Finally, a fun summer night.

I walked in, handed my mom the groceries and went on the porch to watch the sunset. At dinner all I could talk about was Charlie. My parents were excited that I had made a new friend. After dinner I cleaned up, crawled in my bed and dreamed all night about my crush.

We planned to meet everyday at the deli when he got done working. I learned something new about him every day. He was seventeen, six four, favorite color red, had two siblings, dad owned the deli, and mom passed two years ago from breast cancer. We knew everything about each other. When I'm with him everything is perfect. Sometimes I think I’m in love but it might be too soon.

We made a bucket list for the summer of all the things we wanted to do. Every night we did a crazy thing. We did everything from building sandcastles to skinny-dipping. The bucket list consisted of over fifty things and we only had a month of summer left. After our long days we went to our spot, a place on the beach that was quiet and secret. We looked up at the stars and I dazed into his eyes. Listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat was the sound track of my summer.

Tonight was the night. He was meeting the parents. Just a quick dinner and then we were off to the movies. He arrived at seven o'clock. My dad made grilled chicken and corn on the cob. A

perfect summer night meal with the people I loved. My parents seemed to approve. We had good conversation and laughs. After dinner, Charlie and I were off to the eight fifteen movie. He was polite and respectful. Charlie was charming; they had to see it and I couldn't wait to ask them what they thought about him.

The movie was scary, but he was there to cuddle which helped. After that we went on our nightly walk on the beach. I held his hand in one hand and my flip-flops in the other. He walked me up to my porch and kissed me goodnight.

As I walked in from another fun night, my parents were in the family room watching the nightly comedy show. I asked them what they thought of Charlie. I was surprised that they didn’t say much. They didn’t like the age difference. I tried to tell them it didn’t matter; their daughter was in love. My parents just told me it was just a summer fling that would be over in a week. My eyes tea red up and I slowly walked away. It didn't matter to me what they thought; Charlie and I were in long lasting love.

Soon afterwards Charlie had a day off work. We planned a big, exciting day. He came over and we went on a morning bike ride. We rode into town and got a banana split for breakfast. He always let me have the cherry, the best part. We stopped in the deli to say hello to his dad. The beach was our next stop where we took a dip in the ocean. It was a little chilly but refreshing. We

built sandcastles and found seashells. My cheeks got pink from my last summer burn. The town was having a carnival to celebrate a productive summer. There, Charlie made me ride the feriss wheel with him even though he knew I hated heights. Being at the top of the wheel with him made me feel more like I was on cloud nine. We had corndogs and lemon shake-ups for dinner. Finally we were at our spot on the beach again, cuddling, looking at the stars, and listening to the waves in the backround. I wished the summer would not end.

Today was the day, the last day. I hurried and packed my bags and had everything ready to leave bright and early tomorrow morning. I jumped on my bike and went to Charlie's. We just sat on his porch swing and didn’t talk. We needed to talk about our relationship but it was too hard. We just sat there and laughed about all the memories we made over the summer. Charlie had become my best friend. We would keep in touch, we both wanted too. We walked to the beach one last time. I tried to keep my tears in but couldn’t. I buried my head in his chest, tears falling as he squeezed me tight. I couldn’t let go of him. He was my everything. We both calmed down and just talked and listened to the ocean. He kissed me with tears in his eyes. We promised we would write. I watched him slowly walk home. My eyes were open all night; I couldn’t sleep. I would actually miss this room.

Unfortunately my alarm clock went off the next morning. I reluctantly got out of bed and into the car. Seeing the cottage farther in the distance made my blue eyes tear up. I put my sunglasses on to cover my sadness. My parents didn’t know how much I was hurting inside. But, Charlie and I promised each other that we would keep in touch. I didn’t need to worry. The car ride went fast and we were home. Well, not really home because next weekend we would be in a new house and I would be at a new school. This year has been full of surprises.

Finally we were settled in the new house. I was tired of leaving places. I actually liked the new neighborhood. It was closer to the coast, where Charlie was. I sent him two letters, and got none in reply.

Monday morning was the first day of school. My first day outfit was a yellow tank top to show off my summer tan and my favorite denim shirt. I had my hair in a low ponytail and my keds on. The school had 1500 students. I wasn't afraid of making friends. Going through the door was a little scary but after this summer I came to the conclusion that I can handle anything. Three classes done and four more to go. Walking down the hallway I saw a familiar jacket. It was the denim jacket I wore all summer on the beach to keep me warm. Was it really him? I quickly walked up behind him and softly tapped his shoulder. It was my Charlie. I jumped in his arms in surprise. All summer long we never talked about school. School was the last thing on our minds. It was fate. We both were shocked and speechless. I would now listen to the rhythm of his heartbeat all high school long. I walked to my next class with my best friend by my side.

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