Last Kiss

February 16, 2010
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The last thing I ever felt was his lips before I faded into the blackness of eternity…

It was going to be the perfect day. I knew it. I could tell. Jonathan and I had been denying our attraction since we met but, now, finally he had asked me to spend the day with him. We were going to walk together for an entire day, just him and me, alone.

The morning was glorious, perfect. The sky didn’t give a hint of the storm I had bit my nails over last night. The sun was warm on our backs as we walked. Actually, it might have been him that made it so wonderful.

We walked for hours, laughing and talking, stopping to make daisy chains here and deciding to climb trees there. We sat down sometime around midday to eat, or, for him to eat, I didn’t want to do anything except look at him, to drown in his presence. After he finished we lay in the long, gently waving grass looking for shapes in the clouds. “Can you see the flower” he said, “No, where?” I replied, “Just there” “Nope, No flower, It looks more like a cotton swab” I muttered. He laughed, “Come here, Maybe you’ll be able to see better” I did, I lay next to him and he pointed to his “flower” I laughed “Are you insane? That’s not a flower! Like I said it’s more like a cotton swab or something” He sat up “Please, just humour me” he murmured looking into my eyes. Then he kissed me. The moment our lips met, it was like the universe stood still, everything made sense and there was nothing else I wanted to do. We got up and then kissed some more. “Come on, We better get going, The sky has a weird look and theres plenty of time for this later” He murmured in my ear. I agreed, I’d do anything for him.

We walked for an hour, and then two and all the while the sky was getting blacker, more ominous. We stopped in the shelter of a tree when it started to rain. “Wait here” I said “I’ll climb up and see if I can see the road” As I climbed I thought about the day, I couldn’t see the road when I got higher up so I started going back down again. I was lost in my head, I didn’t hear him tell me to watch out and I didn’t see the rotten branch either. I fell though and screamed as I came crashing down.

An unimaginable pain ripped though my body, I struggled to get up and found it impossible. I looked with frightened eyes at Jonathan. Just the way his face was betrayed the fact I was probably soaked in blood. My mind felt split, half inside me and half floating somewhere above me, looking down on the mess that was me. I didn’t feel good; I could feel my heart beating fanatically. “Just kiss me one more time” I murmured slurring my words, feeling my life seep out of me, crimson red onto the ground. “Your not going to die” he said “You can’t, I wont let you” “Just hold me close” I tried to say but I didn’t have the strength. The seconds dragged and I was brought closer to the dark each moment, or was it light? Finally I found one, small store of strength and managed to say one last thing. “I love you, Please, Lets just kiss” It was almost inaudible over the now raging storm, but he heard.

He leant over and held me tight. The last thing I heard was his voice “I love you to, I’ll never forget” And the last thing I ever felt was his lips, pressed hard against mine, before I faded into the blackness of eternity…

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