Chapter: 1- First morning

February 15, 2010
Luna sat on her bed staring at a picture of her now deceased father. A cold tear rolled down her cheek as she remembered that night. One year ago today, her father was in a deadly car crash witch decapitated him in the process. But it was summer vacation now, she should be happy. She took the photo and ripped it in half. She knew she couldn’t change the past, so she decided not too dwell on it. She put her cold feet on the floor and continued to walk downstairs. She looked at her sleeping brother whom was twenty-five, tall, and had no wife or job. She basically took care of him. She walked into the kitchen and took out a cast iron skillet. She put it onto the stove and put grease on it. She turned the stove on high then got 4 eggs. two for herself and two for her brother. She heard a moan escape from her brothers chest as he sat up and stared at her. His eyes lit up as soon as he saw her. He’d do anything to protect her, and he meant anything. She broke the eggs over the skillet, added cheese and milk and let them cook for a few minutes. She turned to him and smiled. “How did you sleep last night bro?” He cocked his head and smiled sweetly “Fine, how about yourself?” “Fine.” She said back. She then turned back too the eggs and dumped them onto two plates. The plates steamed as she set them down onto the table. He instantly gobbled them down while watching the morning news. “Recently, unusually large bear tracks have been found on the woods outside of Greenville, Pennsylvania.” The announcer said lethargically. Luna sighed and sat in the recliner across the room from her brother. He kept watching the news silently. The tracks were top news. Only because there were no bears in Greenville, and because they were too big for normal bears. She was getting tired of hearing the material over and over again. She swiftly exited the room and went into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and set it too a warm temperature. She then let her silky black robe drop to the ground. Her hourglass-like figure grew goose bumps as the colder draft hit her. She stepped into the shower and let the water hit her body. Like warm rain, the water splashed off of her light olive skin and rolled down her body. Only to hit the floor when it got down too the bottom. She let out a sigh of pleasure as the water warmed her body. She grasped the shampoo bottle and put some in her hair and scrubbed. She washed the soap out and turned the water off. She walked out of the shower and grabbed a towel. She wrapped it around her body and walked past her brother and up the stairs. She then picked out a bra underwear and comfortable Pjs’. her favorite Pj’s to be accurate. Luna then walked over to the window witch was 4 stories above the ground. She looked out to see kids playing, and teens hanging out. She sighed and let her arm hang out over the edge. Her short, jet black hair shined as it blew in the slight breeze. She then stood and walked down the stairs and joined her brother in the living room once again. Watching the story of the paw prints. “Ughh! Luke! How can you watch the same crap over and over again!” she complained. “easy… open your eyes…” he replied being a smart ass. She rolled her eyes as she sat back. Then a bone chilling sound came from outside. The horrific sound of tires screeching and people screaming. “Luke! Look!” she said pointing out the window at the car that was now out of control in the parking lot. Luke stood in surprise and darted outside, Shortly followed by Luna. But by the time they got out there, the car had stopped. Luna ran over to the person in the car and looked to see who it was. But the driver was out cold. “Luke! Come over here and help me!” Luke ran over “Okay sis! Wait… your not thinking of bringing this stranger into our house are you?” Luna looked at her brother with pleading eyes. The eyes he couldn’t resist. Luke sighed “Fine, but if he touches you, he’s as good as dead.” Luke then picked the torso end of the man up out of the car as Luna got the legs. They then steadily made their way into the house. Luke set the man on the floor with Luna holding his head in her lap. As she looked closer, she noticed something. This man was no older than maybe twenty-one or two. She smiled at the passed out man. Luke then came around the corner with an armful of blankets and pillows. He eventually set a bed up in Luna’s feather bed recliner. They set the man in the chair and waited for him to awaken.

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