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February 5, 2010
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"Today couldent have been more depressing"Pixie says to her mum with a sigh."What made it so depressing?""Everything I hate everyone,I hate my life""You hate me?" Says Pixies mum willingly as she picks up the kitchen knife to cut some tomatos."I didnt say that.thats what makes me mad you put words into my mouth,I go to school and have a shity day, and i come home and have an even shityer day.""Well tell me what made it so bad"Says Pixies mum.

"Hi Pixie"Megan says as they catch each others eyes in the hallway.Pixie looks down sadness quickly catching"Hey"Megan quickly grabs Pixies hand and asks"Whats wrong?"Pixie hesititly replys"Nothing,why do you ask?""You just seem mad at something""I am kind of angry""Any one in particuler"Says Megan letting go of Pixies hand so they could walk through the door."You im mad at you""Why me""because i saw you hugging Jade,and i thought everything was over between you two""It is,we where just talking""TALKING!!,,why did you hug her then?""It was a hug between two friends"Grabing Pixies hand once agian for reassurance."Well this is my class,I will see you at lunch"Pixie says to Megan with a depressing sigh.

Pixie and Megan are usually in line together but Pixie has no idea where she is.....The mocking evidence becomes clear when Pixie reachs the cash register.She hears laughter,and turns to the far left.Her breathing stops,tears fill her eyes,she sees Megan and Jadesitting close to each other and laughing like they are the only two people in the world.Pixie chokes back her tears and walk to where they are sitting.She breathes a heavy sigh and slams down her tray.Tears are falling freely nowas she exclaims" GO AHEAD,break my heart agian"She turns and runs out of the cafeteria."WAIT PIXIE"Megan yells after her,but she keeps running.Megan quickly gets up and gos after her,suddently she falls to the floor with a sudent bang.Everyone begians to laugh like a pack of duranged criminals.Pixie hears the nerodic laughter and returns to the cafeteria where she sees Megan lieing face down on the floor.She quickly runs tord Megan,softly speaking"Lets get out of here."
They quickly walk to the library where they find a sucluded corner where they could talk."Pixie what was that all about?""i dont know,im sorry just seeing you to together like that drove me crazy."Pixie saying with a small tear rolling down her face."Why,we are just friends that all,and why would it matter to you we are just friends right?""Well its been diffrent for me for a while,I keep struggling with myself trying to supress my emotions,but they have been over flowing latly,and I have to be completly honest with you,Megan i think im falling for you"Pixie says nervousily.Megan replys with"Im sorry,I wish i could feel the same way,but i just dont feel that why about you.and i hope this does not ruin are relationship as friends""Oh my god I feel so dumb,I just confessed something that i have been withholding for a longtime.But i dont feel any better now that i told you,and what do i get rejection""Im sorry,i just cant have a relationship,becasue if something happens it will ruin our friendship.And i dont want that to happen,your the best thing that has happened to me"Megan says with her eyes watering.
"It was bad mum i probably just messed up on the greatest friendship ever and the greatest person ever because i had to fall for her"Pixie says franticly."I really cant help you because I dont know really what you going throught,but I thing it will all work out for you in the end.""I hate this why do I have to be so diffrent.""you are diffrent because you are you dont ever change other wise you will never be diffrent,i love you the way you are"Pixies mum says with a simple smile on her face.
The next day Pixie waits in the normal corner in the library where she usually meets Megan so they can walk to class together.But for some reason Megan wasent there.Pixie begins to think that she scared her with all the situations that happened yesterday.So Pixie walks to classby herself thinking.God I messed it up,smart move dumbass you should have never told her you should have just lied to herthen she would still be your friend.Pixie quickly turns around and runs to the bathroom and begins to cry.She whips back her tears and walks out of the restroom.
As Megan slowly drove home from a long day of trying to avoid Pixie..........
Megan woke up thinking about Pixie,and everything that happened yesterday.I dont want her to think that i dont like her anymore,but I dont want to talk to her right now.I think we should just keep away from each other for a couple of days.Nut maybe I should talk to her,no i will give it a couple of days.Megan quicky got dress,ate a peice of toast and got in her car and quicky drove to school.
She found herself hesitating to walk into class,becauseshe really didnt want to talk to Pixie.But with her head down she walked itto class avoiding all contact with her.She didnt even sit in her normal seat because it was right next to Pixie.She didnt eat lunch with her she sat at a table watching pixie from a distance.It was so hard want to talk to her but couldent,well not now atleast.Btu Megan made it slowly through the day without talking to her,and avoiding all contact.
She reaches in her pocket and pulls out a peice of paper.She unfolded it a began to read it,It was a letter that she had written Pixie.Megan began to spaceout.as she folded the note she heard honking...BANG.
Pixie woke with the telephone ringing,the clock read 6:23pm.Pixie rubbed her eyes and reached for the phone."Hello"she says with a tiredness in her voice."You have to come to the hospital""What"Pixie says before she realized who it was.It was Megans mum."You have to come to the hospital""why""its Megan""Im on my way"says Pixie with a worry.
Pixie arrived at the hospital at 7:15pm.She seen Megans mum sitting in a chair with her head down.Pixie began to walk towards her when she realized that she was crying.Pixie sat down in the chair next to her.She lifted her head up and slowly began to speak."Shes gone""What do you meanshes gone""she died,im sorry Pixie I know you that you were best friends""i didnt even get to say goodbye"Pixie says as she begins to cry.Megans mum reached in her pocke and pulled out the note that Megan wrote Pixie"the rescue crew said she was holding this when she crashed,its labeled to you."Megans mum handed the note to Pixie.She looked at it.Written in bright pink it said PIXIE,with a thick black heart around it.
Months went by and Pixie grew more depressed that the fact that the girl that she had so many feelings for was gone.Every day at the same time Pixie would go to the library and sit in the place that her and Megan had spent the last few moments together and cry.
Its been four months since Megan died.Pixie sits in her roomthinking about the note that Megan wrote her.As pixie was holding the note she looks up and notices a pill bottle sittling next to her computer.She slowly reached for the pill bottle to read waht it said.It said take one tablet every night for sleep.She opens the pill bottleand pours the pills out into her hand.She gets up from the chair that she was sitting inand slowly walked to the bathroom.She stands the looking in the mirror for moments.Pixie picks up the glass next to the faucet and fills the cup up.With the glass in one hand and the pills in the other.She looks in the mirror once agian.She hesitates at first but she slowly Brings the pills to her mouth and takes a drink.She quicky walks to the desk where she was sitting just moments ago and grabs the note and unfolds it.She took a pen and writes something.She fold the note back up walk to her bed where she closes her eyes one last time.
Two hours went by before Pixies mum arrived home.She yells repeatingly for Pixie but there was no answer.She slowly walked up the stairs and down the hall.when she reaches Pixies door she pushes it open and begins to cry.She walks tho the bed where she finds Pixie lieing motionless.She reaches for Pixies hand,When she noticed that she was holding something.it was the note that Megan had written herfour months ago.She unfolds the note and begins to read.....
In bright blue ink it read "WAIT FOR ME"and below in vlack ink it read"TILL THE END"

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