Darkest fears

February 2, 2010
By Anonymous

It was a dark and scary night. In a small town called shanksvile. Lucy and her friends were walking in the woods. Lucy said “ Ethan why are we walking in the woods?” Ethan replied “ I really don’t know.” Lucy said “ Ethan, can we go?” Tommy answered “ Lu why would you want to leave. It’s so awesome.” Lucy said shaking “ N-N-NO!” Ethan took off his jacket and gave it to Lucy. Lucy smiled and grabbed his hand. Zoe said “ Tommy want to go make a fire?” Tommy repiled “ sure thing babe.” Tommy and Zoe went to go look for wood. Ethan and Lucy sat down on a log. Lucy said “ Thanks for your jacket.” Ethan put his arm around lucy and kissed her. Then he said “ Anytime babe.” As Lucy and Ethan waited for them to come back they started playing truth or dare. Lucy said “ Truth or dare?” Ethan said “ dare.” Lucy demeaned “ You have to run around screaming in your boxers.” Ethan looked at her then said “ Fine.” Ethan took his clothes off then handed them to Lucy and said “ hold these.” Ethan started running around screaming. Lucy was on the ground laughing. So Ethan ran and jumped on Lucy. Lucy screamed “ GUY WITH BOXERS ON!” Ethan laughed and kissed her. Tommy and Zoe walked in while they were making out. Zoe yelled “ get a room!.”Ethan looked over and jumped up. Lucy said “ point me to one.” Tommy said “ behide the tree.” They all laughed. Ethan put his clothes back on and said “ we were playing truth or dare. Wanna join?” Zoe said “ sure.” So they all sat down on a log. Zoe said “I’ll go first. Ethan I dare you to run up to the top of the hill and scream I LOVE LUCY LU CLONE!” Ethan says “ alright.” He runs up the hill and screams “ I LOVE LUCY LU CLONE!” Lucy ran up to him and screamed “ I LOVE ETHAN MARK ALLEN!” Ethan looked at her then grabbed her and kissed her. Tommy and Zoe were whistling. Ethan carried Lucy back down to her log. Ethan said “ my turn. Zoe truth or dare?” Zoe said “ Dare.” Ethan said “ I dare you to run around acting like a chicken.” Zoe said “ ok.” So Zoe got up and start running around like a chicken. Zoe said “ ok. Now it’s my turn. Tommy truth or dare.” Tommy said “ truth.” Zoe thought then said “ Tommy what do you like about me?” Tommy said with no hesitation “ your sparkling eyes, soft lips, your personality.” Zoe got up and hugged Tommy. Tommy pulled her down and kissed her. Tommy said “ my turn. Lucy truth or dare?” Lucy said “ dare.” Tommy said “ I dare you to go back in the woods be yourself.” Lucy looked at him hard and said “ are you crazy? I can’t do that.” Tommy said “ then take Ethan.” So Ethan said “ fine.” Ethan grabbed Lucy’s hand and of they went.
As they were walking Lucy was getting closer to Ethan every step. Ethan said “ babe what’s wrong?” Lucy said “ It-its to dark and cold.” Ethan said “ here get closer.” So Lucy moved closer to Ethan. As they were walking Lucy tripped over a piece of wood. Ethan fell on top of her. Lucy and Ethan were laughing. Ethan started kissing Lucy.

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