Prom Night

February 1, 2010
By MizzImaginative SILVER, London, Other
MizzImaginative SILVER, London, Other
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I stood there my hands shivering I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Prom night gone bad I couldn’t explain it… I couldn’t breathe… I could die… my family would I ever see again ? No! that couldn’t happen could it ? My mum was angry at me so was my dad. I screamed at my brother I hate you the last time I saw him I couldn’t leave things like this please no not today I don’t want to go to my grave.

The killer walks towards me his glance fixed on me I keep my eyes stuck to the floor to scared to steal a glance it wasn’t a chance I wanted to take even if I could see that face. My friend screams in horror in the next room I clasp my hands on my ears I couldn’t bear the thought of her dying my true friend what would I have left? Finally her screams gradually get lower as her life is taken away tears fall down my face hot and burning my cheeks. Why did he have to do this to me ? He grabs my face in a tight grip and chuckles wickedly “ no need to look so scared dear you and I will be very good friends we should get along just fine if you just work with me here” his voice was silky yet sharp it had a don’t-mess-with-me-if-you-know-what’s-good-for-you-edge.
Where was my best friend , James when I needed him I wish he could save me from this evil killer I was going to die and he didn’t even know I loved him yet. Now I was sure if I had one last moment with him I would tell him how much I loved him no matter the risk. And ask for one first and last kiss. I was far away now but when the killer tore my red dress from the side It didn’t take long for me to come back down to Earth “what are you doing ?!” I screamed my voice was all shaky and I just wanted to cry I knew it wouldn’t solve the problem but what could I do ? My whole surroundings was creepy red candles were lit up everywhere around me and red lights hung on the tall ceiling above suddenly I felt claustrophobic I wanted to go home. I felt like I was going to panic and have a heart attack. What would that solve ? Just give the killer an easier way to kill me . As if it wasn’t easy to kill me already anyway a sixteen year old teenage girl was hardly a threat to a badass serial killer.

“ what am I doing ? Let me see darling don’t worry about that you’ll see soon . You’ll see”
What the hell was his problem ? I just felt like kicking his hairy butt but that would be stupid I know I wouldn’t get far and I would make him really mad. I tried to stop myself from crying and “work with him” like he asked me to. Dawn was finally coming through the dark trapped windows closing off the veil of the night that was now over. The killer walked over to the bar the whole room that was once filled with partying excited teens was now lifeless and the balloons were hanging like no one was here for a very long time. I looked over to see what Mr killer was up to my heart beating so fast and doing a KA BOOM BOOM sound I swear the killer could even hear it that’s why he laughed to himself and shaked his head in disbelief like I was some kind of stand up comedian making a fool out of herself just to get a laugh or two. Then he reached for something that made me panic even more he grabbed a long sparkling clean sharp knife then looked over at me with a grin on his face. But because of the shadow of the sunlight I could hardly see his face but from what I could see it looked like a young teenage boy that was younger than me maybe a year or two.

Now I was even more scared this was no professional this was a silly child trying to entertain himself either that or he was a psychopath. Then suddenly the room opened up casually and a young dark skinned boy walked in that I noticed from somewhere when I was with my friends in the mornings on the way to school. He looked at me and laughed “still alive then Joseph?” he asked his colleague which I now figured out was Mr killer. “I’m playing with her mind a little bit Its great fun you see? Real entertainment” Joseph said casually throwing his head back laughing like the situation was hilarious. “ err hello what is wrong with you two psychopath’s I need to get home some of us have a life here” I said half crying. “ now now no need to get emotional your parents wont even notice you’ve gone and trust me their better without” said the dark skinned boy. “ And how do you know you don’t know me. My family love me and they care FYI little boy” I said hardly believing it myself after what I said to them. I tried escaping but It was no use I was stuck to this stupid chair for eternity. “ yeah sure is that why your mum was so upset with your foul language she was crying and oh yeah your brother…he’s questioning if he even belongs in your family or if he’s adopted he feels so left out because the attention is always on you don’t you just love attention ? Your so selfish you deserve to die.” said Joseph. That really hurt it stung really bad even though it was coming from this kid it really hurt. Badly.
“ look I’ll change can you just leave me alone? I didn’t ask for attention its hardly easy to have a mother who is so stressed because my dad just walked out on us and to always have a ton of homework to do its not easy you don’t know what its like ! I said screaming now and crying so badly my eyes were burning with anger. The dark skinned boy stared while Joseph gave me the evils like what I said was some kind of big fat lie. But I could swear the dark skinned boy looked at me with some concern.

“okay enough drama this is not another one of those stupid episodes off Hannah Montana. Now back to the killing part sorry darling but my knife is so sharp I just cant wait to kill and slice your pretty face with it right now.”
“ No! please!” But it was too late he was coming towards me with his white clean sharp knife and there was nothing I could do but cry harder and harder. The last thing I could see was the dark skinned boy sitting at the bar casually like he was watching an episode of one tree hill. I shut my eyes ready for what was coming next. But then something totally amazing happened James came in his eyes filled with horror. “what the hell are you doing Joseph?! Your meant to be my friend I thought I could trust you!”

Joseph just looked at him coldly “Well then you don’t know what this world is about you cant trust anyone and I mean anyone.”
James looked at him like he was a psychopath. Which was totally true and I couldn’t argue with.
Then they both took
James by the arm and he tried to beat them off and punched them but it was two against one hardly a battle he could win.

“let her go! Please take me! Just let her go! He said his voice broke it was all shaky and scared now but not for himself scared for me. That was the most greatest thing about him he put friends first always before himself he was so unselfish and caring . I honestly don’t know what he sees in a person like me.

Then they took out an almost identical chair to mine and tied him with a rope and he looked into my eyes “I’m sorry” he said tears falling down his beautiful green eyes. I’ve never seen him like this before he was always happy and filled with humour. I didn’t want to remember his last moment with me like this.

So I didn’t care that those two psycho’s were watching I leaned in close and said “shhh it’s ok don’t worry its you and me forever”. then kissed him and I could hear Joseph chuckling in the background and the dark skinned boy even said “ aww look at these two love-birds it’s a shame they have to die!”

I pulled away from James then “ No please just let me die leave him alone let him go home he’s got a whole future ahead of him this world needs people like him. Please no” but my voice was now a whisper no one listened except for James who had his eyes still fixed on me sadly.
“ I love you” he whispered

“ I love you too” I said my voice still a whisper and my hands all cold and shaken.
Than Joseph took out his sharp knife and said coldly “ time to watch lover-boy die” NO ! I screamed nooooooooo! Please! Then he took out his knife and James said one last time I love you always will always have since year 3 its always been me and you”
He stabbed the knife into James’ heart ! And he lay there lifeless I cried and cried I couldn’t believe what I just saw. Blood was pouring out of his chest now I no longer saw James but just a dead guy lying there. He could have been amazing in this world and changed many things and make this world a better place but for me he already made my world complete. Joseph and dark skinned boy stabbed me both in the heart now and I cried and said for the last time “ I love you mum and everyone I’ll miss you and James but we’ll be together soon. Forever meet you in heaven.”

The author's comments:
This is a story showing if you love someone tell them before its too late!

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