Star Shine

February 7, 2010
By cowlover968 BRONZE, Sissonville, West Virginia
cowlover968 BRONZE, Sissonville, West Virginia
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"If We Dont Play God, Who Will?" -James D. Watson


First I think I should tell you a bit of my life. I am quite a shy girl, not the one to
make men pay me a more than one look. If you ask the towns folk they will tell you,
that my pie is to die for. I do not fit in with the "in crowd". I stand at 5'9'' with short
brown hair and sweet blue eyes. Last but not least my name is Jenn.

This tale that I wish to share is a night that is very dear to my heart when Sam
asked for my hand. The night was like most, we were in his yard, on a sheet
that he just washed. It still had the scent of the soap he uses all of the time. Now
don't think its odd for us to be out in his yard we did this most nights. You could say
we both liked the pure things in life. That night had a very clear sky, so you could see
just how bright the moon and the stars were up in the mid-night blue sky. He told me
just how much he loved how the moon and star light hit my face just right so my eyes
would glow.

Sam talked an good bit of how our lives will be once we wed. I knew he was
true to his word that he would do it one day, but he would not give me a hint as to
when he would. While we were there, and how we saw that mid-night blue sky with
all of thoes stars, I guess it made him want to sing. What song was this you may
ask, well it was our song. Sam is not a person who can sing, or to just burst out in to
song, but yet he did.I found this one of the things I loved about him, he was not
scared to do the odd things in life.

While we were there, I had this sort of calm that only comes when im
with him. It made since to me why this was so, my life at home was not one to love.
My Mom and Dad cared for me me and I them, but they did not ever quit see what
they were put me through most days. They went off about bills, cars, and things that I
had no say in. They would rant as if I made them get in debt and it was my fault so I
also should fix it.

We were there, just as happy as we could be. He stood up, I sat up so I
could see him. His eyes were so kind and sweet. He got down on one knee and
looked me dead in the eye and "Jenn will you be mine?". I came close to crying
from pure joy and as you can guess I said yes.

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The author's comments:
My Boyfriend Inspired This Really, Its More Or Less What I Want Our Future To Be.

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