Immortal love chapter 12

February 6, 2010
I walked into Ludicrous’s room. He was lying on the bed. His bandages were gone now. He wore only pants but what I could tell he had healed well. His cuts were nothing but brushed black spots across his body. I ran over to him. He smiled and let me run into him. I slammed him against the bed. “Please say you’re alright” I whispered. He smiled. “I’m alright. I told you. Everything is fine.” He said. I shook my head. “Nothing is ever alright Ludicrous.” I whispered. “Close enough too alright” he said. “Those blotches will not go away.” I whispered. “I know” he said. “Battle scars” I laughed. “Let’s go with that. It makes me sound like a warrior” he laughed. “You are a warrior. You’re fighting your own battles. A true warrior fights for pure reasons. You fight for me. You are a warrior” I whispered. He smiled. “I love you” I whispered. “I love me too” he chuckled. I punched him and got off him. “Oh come on Sapphire I’m just kidding. I love you too” he said. I sighed and pushed him back down again. “So you went to see my mother instead huh?” he asked. “How did you –“He cut me. “I recognize her words” he said. “She says my journey begins.” I whispered. “She told me that 20 minutes before I first saw you” he whispered. I smiled. “Then I’m your journey.” I whispered. “I’m glad” he whispered. I kissed him. Vander was right. I really have been making out with Ludicrous a lot. Oh well, were almost married. It’s like a key thing you have to do before you get married. Go nuts on making out and then get even more into on the honey moon. I think I’ll enjoy being alone with Ludicrous. Just us. No one will disturb.
Course it’s not like we get a lot of time to ourselves including right now. Mimi walked in. “Oh sorry.” She shrieked then turned to leave. “No. It’s fine” I said sitting down on the bed next to Ludicrous. “You two make out to much” Mimi laughed. “Yep” I said leaning on Ludicrous. I’m so glad Ranger and I aren’t like that.” Mimi said. “You wish you were” I laughed. “Yeah well I like that we made boundaries. After all, being in love should have some. Course I see boundaries have already been crossed between you two. Way overly crossed” Mimi said. “So what. I have nothing I won’t show to Ludicrous. Besides it’s not like I care if he crosses some boundaries as long as he doesn’t hit any nerves while he crosses them. Something’s are meant to be left unsaid.” I said. “Then quit sitting around talking about boundaries and nerves and go do something. Teach Ludicrous how to use a sword.” Mimi said. “I like that idea” I said. “I don’t like that idea” Ludicrous moaned. “Don’t be a pansy. Go have fun. Learn some life skills. As you can see you know none” Mimi said staring at Ludicrous’s black blotches. “Alright but I’m not throwing swords at dummies. That’s boring.” Ludicrous said. “Fine. Throw swords at me” I said. His eyes widened. “I like the dummies better” he said. I smiled. “Good then let’s go” I said. I pulled him up and we left the room.

“No like this” I said. I threw then sword and it hit the dummy right in the heart. “Keep your arm raised and use all the force you can manage” I said. I walked over and pulled my sword out of the dummy. Ludicrous was making progress. He’s still really off balanced though. Ludicrous prepared to throw the sword. I sighed and tapped his elbow up to his shoulder. He chuckled and threw the sword.
It went threw the stomach. “That’s good enough. The person will be to in pain to get up so you can run and finish off the job.” I said. “You’re still throwing it angled. You have to focus and throw straight” I said. He nodded and prepared to throw his second sword.
This time his arm was in the right place. I tapped his hand up a little. “Throw” I said. He quickly threw the sword. It sliced threw the head of the dummy. “Good. That is a very fetal spot of the body. It is still good to go for the heart though. Plus swords have a hard time getting threw the scull so it may not cause enough damage to kill your attacker. You must go for fetal places or your not goanna be able to fight with swords. You can’t just go for weak points. You must go for where death is instantly caused. If the hearts dead then so is the body. He nodded.
I handed him my sword. “Be careful with this, this swords is my mother’s” I said. He nodded and prepared to throw. His stance was perfect as well as his arms and hands. I saw nothing wrong. He threw the sword. It went straight threw the heart. “A little low but death will over take the body just a little bit slower. Your attacker would only be alive for another minute or so. Very good” I said. He smiled at me.
I walked to the dummies and pulled out the swords. I took my sword and sliced the heads off each of the dummies swiftly in about 10 seconds. I pulled the other two swords out and walked back over to him.
“That’s enough for today. We’ll try again tomorrow. We’ll work on combat” I said. “Who am I goanna be trying to hit?” he asked. “Me of course” I giggled. “Sapphire I can’t” he said. “You can and you will. What if I became some sort of assassin. You have to be able to fight no matter who you’re fighting. What if Mimi was trying to kill you? Would you let her? If she was some kind of assassin you couldn’t let her live any longer. She’d be a threat to our kind and the humans. You can’t let emotions take over your body when it comes to life or death. You fight to win no matter who is under your sword” I said. Ludicrous nodded. I sliced the heads off of dummies as I passed.
“You act like killing someone is a good thing” he said. “There are people out there who live to kill. I am not one of those people. I fight to keep people safe. If the world is in danger by someone there as good as dead.” I said. Ludicrous nodded. “You’ll have to understand what you must do at the exact second you notice a threat. It is the only way we survive. Everyone must be safe. Our people come first.” I said.
“And what if we get hurt?” Ludicrous asked. “You keep fighting. Ignore the pain. I’ve been hurt badly before. I’ve fought for things. I’ve killed before. You ignore the pain. It’s nothing compared to the thought of death. I’ve died before as you know. I would have gotten up and fought Vander if you hadn’t gotten in the way.” I said. “You would have died” he said in shock. “I don’t care if I would have died. They come first. I fight to save lives. My life is not important” I said. “It’s important to me” he said. I smiled. “I know and I know you’d give your life for me but if you ever get the chance……don’t” I whispered. “Don’t?” he asked. “How could I sit there while your goanna die” he asked.
“They come first. Make sure everyone’s safe. Kill the enemy and keep get all of the people out of sight. They come first. The enemy comes second. If you’ve done all of that then will you try to help me. They come first Ludicrous. You must understand that to be a skilled fighter.” I said. “That’s crazy” he said. I sighed. “You must follow the beliefs. When I first started training with swords I knew the consequence that would follow if I let my feelings take over my battle. I’d die. Not only that but the people would die. Your job is to kill the enemy and get the people out. Your partners do not matter until everyone safe. You fight to the last second. Never quit no matter how much it hurts” I said. “That’s crazy” he said. I spun around now angry. “It is the way of the swords men. If you don’t follow the beliefs then I can’t teach you” I yelled. I ran off as fast as I could with out looking back. No one can learn the way of the swords men with out the beliefs. If you don’t……you die.

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erika4964 said...
Feb. 19, 2010 at 5:52 pm
Wow that is a so awesome story please write more I can't wait. You are such a great writer I could picture the whole story keep it up!!!!! ;)
idcwhatcoloritis replied...
Feb. 23, 2010 at 2:56 pm
thanks so much! I'm waiting for the next chapters to be approved. I believe i sent in 4 or 5 chapters so hope ya enjoy them. Also if you like my stuff then check out my website on Quizilla .com . My screen name is the same. Read Shanna's secret. It's pretty good.
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