Immortal love chapter 11

February 6, 2010
“Ludicrous I’m back I –“I cut myself off as I noticed the blood on the floor. I shrieked. I recognized the scent. I followed the blood line to the bathroom. “Ludicrous!” I screamed as I slammed open the door. There laid my fiancé. On the break of death. “No!” I screamed. Tears poured down my face. I drop to my knees next to him. “Ludicrous!” I screamed. Mimi ran into the room and let out an ear piercing scream. Ludicrous weakly slid his hand to my cheek. I held his hand there. “Please” I whispered. “Please No!” I screamed. Merger ran into the room. Mimi dropped to her knees in shock and then fell over. She fainted. “I’ll be fine.” Ludicrous whispered. Merger tried to help Mimi but his eyes stayed on Ludicrous’s body.
“How do you know?” I asked as tears fell down my face. “Because I can’t die Sapphire” he said. I shot a look of pain towards Merger. “Please get me a few wet towels and some bandages as fast as you can” I demanded threw sobs. Ludicrous sighed. “You never listen to me” he mumbled. I sat there sobbing as I waited. Why did I leave? I could have been here. I could have saved him. He could be safe. Ludicrous clutched my hand. “Relax. Everything’s goanna be fine.” Ludicrous said. I shook my head. Mimi was still lying there in shock. She didn’t stutter or move. She just lied there staring at Ludicrous’s bloody body.
10 minutes later Merger was carrying about 20 soaking wet towels and a stack of really nice bandages. “Thank you” I managed threw my sobs. I began to tear off Ludicrous’s closes. “Uh Sapphire. I don’t think you should –“I cut him off. “I’ve seen hi naked before” I said losing my uncontrollable sobs for just a few seconds before my sobbing came back again.
After 20 minutes of my poor effort to clean up Ludicrous I began to bandage him up. Maybe be would be fine like he said but I doubted it. There’s no going back from these injuries. “You’re sure your fine” I whispered as I bandaged up his back. “I’m fine like I said. The injuries will heal quickly. I was born with remarkably fast healing. Better then a usual vampire’s healing. That’s why the blood stopped” he said. I sighed. “What happened? I was only gone 20 minutes” I asked trying to hold back my sobs. “The council’s guard mistook me for you. They were coming here to kill you Sapphire” Ludicrous said. I groaned. “Everyone wants to kill me. First Vander, then your father and now the Immortal council.” I hissed. “Don’t worry. I’ll protect you” he said. “Yeah I see the product of that. It’s not your job to protect me. That’s my job as well as it’s my job to protect you which I’m failing at. I can’t afford any more mishaps. I can’t lose you” I whispered. I tucked the bandages into place then moved down to his legs. I had finished his arms a few minutes ago.
“Sapphire relax” he said. I clutched my hands around the bandages tightly. “How can you say that” I screamed at him. “How can I relax with the council after me? How can I relax when you’re this hurt? How can I relax when the Head Master hates me? Tell me how Ludicrous cause I don’t know” I yelled. Tears ran down my angry face. “Calm down Sapphire” he whispered. His face softened. My face softened.
“I’m sorry” I whispered. I continued to bandage his legs. His hand slid to my shoulder. I didn’t look at him. How could I have snapped like that? I shut my eyes and dropped my head trying to find the little amount of peace I had left in my body. A tear dropped down my cheek to the ground. Ludicrous suddenly pulled me against him. My eyes shot open in shock. I looked up at him. His lips met mine. I’d almost forgotten how good it felt to kiss him. To love him. How easy it is. I slid my arms around his neck. I could feel his shoulder bandages. That’s what separated me. He was too injured for a make out session. I dropped my arms and forced our lips to part. His strong arms pulled me back to him and made my lips meet his. Apparently injuries don’t mean much to him. “No” I whispered. He sighed. “Can you relax? I’m fine” he said. “I’ll relax when you’re bandaged and I speak to Head Master Stone about this” I said. I quickly finished bandaging his legs and left the room leaving Ludicrous to Merger and the still passed out Mimi.

I searched for Head Master Stone. It took hours and even then I only found Head Mistress Stone. Ludicrous’s mother. “Hello” I said. She walked over to me and pulled me into her arms. She slid her arms around my head and laid her cheek against the top of my head. “Sweet child. How can I be of service to you my sweet dear” she whispered. “Why does Head Master Stone what me dead?” I asked shutting my eyes. “Because he doesn’t not see the way I do.” She whispered. “A kind man but no sense of your mind.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “I mean that he does not see. He thinks. It is why my son is hurt. It is why Vander is so cold.” She whispered. “He hates me doesn’t he?” I asked. “Correct my sweet child. I do understand why. You are of sweet blood and a human child brought into this world. A sin. You mated at a young age of Immortality. A sin. You’ve attacked a son of a powerful leader. A sin. Yet you stool the heart of a king. It saves all sins. I understand why you have mated. It is a good thing. It is not a sin on your hands.” She whispered.
“So he’s going to kill me for being a human” I asked. “Yes” she whispered in a hiss. I shut my eyes and relaxed. “I must protect Ludicrous” I whispered. “A noble warrior of your high ranking status is meant to protect. To protect the man you love as I do for my husband. I know you came here to yell and scream. You came with out swords. Your noble and have the right to yell and scream for the pain of Ludicrous just remember. Revenge is not the answer. You kill for reason you don’t kill for satisfaction or because of the lose of another. You kill because of threat.” She said.
“I understand. Thank you Head Mistress Stone” I whispered. “You will not call me by my title my sweet child. You will call me Mistress Rena” she whispered. “Thank you Mistress Rena” I whispered. “I understand you my sweet child. You begin your journey today” she whispered. “Journey” I whispered. “Yes. You will begin. Your journey will not peace full and blood is a man factor but in the end everything will be right for our people and the ones who die faster then us” she whispered. “I promise to you that I will protect our kind and the ones who die quickly” I whispered. “Peace my sweet child” she whispered then let go of me.
I opened my eyes. “Your journey begins now go find Ludicrous. There is no meeting for you with the Immortal council. You may go” she said. She walked away as if nothing had happened. “I understand you” I whispered then left the room and I could have sworn I saw her smile.

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