Immortal love chapter 8

February 6, 2010
By idcwhatcoloritis GOLD, Severna Park, Maryland
idcwhatcoloritis GOLD, Severna Park, Maryland
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I woke up around noon. Sadly Ludicrous had left me. I sat up making sure the blank covered my naked body. Ludicrous was just getting out of the shower. A towel was tied securely around his waist. “Good morning” I said sliding out of the giant bed. I pulled on my panties and my bra. “Good morning” he said. “And that is the last time I let you into my wine.” I frowned. “Are you saying you unhappy with you and me mating?” I asked sadly. His eyes widened. “No it… was great.” He said. “Then quit your complaining about my obsession with wine and be happy that we have each other. For now anyways” I said. He chuckled and walked over to me.
He kissed me. “I love you” I whispered. He pulled me off the bed. And spun me around in a circle. I giggled. “Are you always this happy?” I laughed. “When I’m with you everything’s perfect” he said. “You sound like your speaking poetry.” I laughed. “I love you” he whispered. I kissed him briskly.
Mimi entered the room not caring that I was only in my bra and panties and her brother was only wearing a towel. I shrieked and quickly pulled on my dress back on. “Bro put some dang close on” Mimi moaned sitting down on Ludicrous’s bed. “You guys defiantly didn’t last did you?” Mimi asked. “Yeah.” I sighed happily. “And how great it was.” “I don’t want details. Grosses me out enough that you just mated with my brother” she groaned. “Then why did you tell us to?” I asked. “I didn’t say I’d like it” Mimi mumbled. I laughed. “Ok Mimi out” Ludicrous hissed pointing at the door. She sighed. “Whatever” she said. I sighed. “See you later” I called. “Ok. Meet me for lunch we can hang out and stuff” she called and left.
Ludicrous locked the door behind her. I giggled. “I like her” I said. He smiled. “Good she’ll be your sister in law soon” he said. “Wait what” Mimi yelled from the other side of the door. I laughed. “He proposed before you got there in the hospital. Stay on the dot sweet heart” I called. “Dang you two work fast. You get engaged and then you mate. Don’t tell me, the weddings in 3 days” Mimi moaned. “Actually a week” Ludicrous said. My eyes widened. “Only a week” I whispered clutching the fabric on my dress. “Geez!” Mimi shouted. “That’s enough Mimi. Go away” Ludicrous hissed. Mimi walked away from the door.
Ludicrous fell back against the bed. I got over him. “Is everything alright?” I asked. “I don’t think I want to marry you so quickly. I want to enjoy you. Have you around for a while but yet……we only have a week to catch up” he said. “You’d be amazed what we can do in a week” I whispered. I pushed a stray hair on his forehead to the side. “For now let’s just relax. I’ll go find my bikini and we can go relax in the hot tub alright?” He nodded. I kissed him then got up. I was just about to open the door then I stopped. “How bad does my hair look right now?” I asked nervously. “Just a little frizzy” Ludicrous said not even looking at me. I walked into his bathroom and search for a brush. When I found one I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was all frizzy and looked terrible. “Just a little freeze huh?” I called to Ludicrous. He chuckled. I ran the brush threw my hair a few times then headed for the human dorms.
When I entered my dorm room Snow tackled me in a hug. I groaned as we hit the floor in the door way. “I’m so happy to see you Sapphire” snow sobbed. “We missed you so much. When we went to the hospital this morning you weren’t there we were so worried.” “I spent the night with Ludicrous.” I said. Neta shrieked and bounced from my bed to Capa’s bed over and over again. “You did it didn’t you” Neta shrieked as she bounced from my bed to Capa’s. “It’s called mating and yes” I said. Neta burst into hundreds of shrieks and giggles as she squirmed on my bed like she was laughing way too hard.
“Clam down. You don’t even know what mating is” I hissed. “Yeah I do its sex” Neta said immediately calming down. “No it’s more then just sex Neta” I said. “Then what is it?” Capa asked shutting our door. Snow and Capa sat down on Capa’s bed while Neta stared at me from my bed. “It means after were bounded together forever. It’s pretty much what causes marriage in the vampire world.” I said.
“So your getting married” Capa shrieked. “Not because of us mating but yes we are. In a week” I said. “That’s to fast” Neta said. “I know but Ludicrous needs a wife before he can take the throne. I’m the next vampire queen” I said. They all burst into shrieks. “
Course you guys are my bride’s maids” I said. They shrieked again. “When did he propose?” Snow asked eagerly. “When I woke up from my change. It was so romantic even though we were in a depressing hospital. He proclaimed is love to me in such a romantic way that I couldn’t say no.” I said spinning around in a circle on my toes dreamily. “Wow. Never thought Ludicrous was a romantic guy” Capa said watching me carefully. “Yeah well.” I said shrugging.
“Oh there’s another thing you should know. Vander’s after me” I said. There eyes widened. “Him too?” Capa asked. “So you know about Ludicrous’s father” I said. “Yeah Ludicrous told us but he didn’t tell us why you got to the hospital. Did Vander hurt you?” Snow asked. “Yes. I lost so much blood so quickly. He hates me because I’m human and now that I’m a vampire he hates me for marrying his younger brother. Also because I’m a new born and Ludicrous and I just mated” I whispered. “It’s sinned upon in the vampire culture.”
“Oh Sapphire” Capa said hugging me from the side. Her arms slid tightly around me. A tear ran down my cheek. Snow and Neta hugged me too and I was squished in between as I began to weep. “Don’t worry. We’ll protect you” Capa said rubbing her cheek on top of my head. “I’m not worried about me” I whispered. “I’m worried about Ludicrous. I’m putting him through so much. I don’t want to hurt him anymore then I already have and because of the marriage I’m going to hurt him even more. I’ve caused him so much pain. It’s unbearable. I can’t protect him.” “Ludicrous can take care of himself. He wants this. He wants to sacrifice for you Sapphire. That’s true love. Except it. Help him smile. Heck maybe mating again would be a good thing” Neta said. I gave a slight chuckle. “You’re such an idiot” I mumbled. “Love you too Sapphire” Neta said hugging me tighter. “Everything will be fine just smiled for him. If you don’t smile he won’t either” Snow whispered.
I slid from the grasp. I whipped my eyes. “I came here on a mission for my bikini and I shall get it” I proclaimed. They laughed. “What’s the bikini for?” Snow asked. “Hot tub. It’s so cool. Ludicrous has a hot tub in his room” I shrieked. “And all the wine I can drink.” “Nice” Neta said. “I wouldn’t mind snuggling up to Ludicrous with a bottle of wine” Neta said dreamily as she pulled herself into a fantasy. “Uh yeah not cool. My fiancé” I said snapping my finger’s in front of her face. She jumped a little. “Sorry” she mumbled. “I don’t blame you. He’s a big hunk of man” I said spinning around in a circle again dreamily. I walked over to my closet and pulled out my white bikini with pink stripes. “Uh no” Neta said.
She dug in my closet and found my black bikini with a white design on my right breast fabric. It tied at the back of my neck and on the bottoms they tied on both sides in bows. The bikini was very revealing.
“Neta I can’t show up in that. It was already terrible with that bra you made me wear. It took 20 minutes for Ludicrous to get off.” I hissed. Neta shrieked. “How romantic” she said spinning around in a circle like I had dreamily. “Well at least he liked it” I mumbled. “Yeah! I knew that hunk of man had great taste” Neta shrieked. “Stop that” I hissed. I snatched the bathing suit from her hands and then dug in my closet for my black frilly skirt and my black tang top. Then I dug for one of those sexy bras’s Neta bought me. Never know when that will come in handy again. I was hoping soon. Neta smiled at my choice. I guess she approved. “Well I’ll see you guys later” I said. I skipped out of my dorm wondering if everything was goanna be ok like they said.

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Hi this is idcwhatcoloritis. Check out my account and message me telling me what you thought of Immortal love! I go by idcwhatcoloritis there too. Thanks for reading!
Peace from idcwhatcoloritis a.k.a. Victoria.

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