Immortal love chapter 2

February 6, 2010
I shook Capa awake. She punched me in the face. I fell back against her bed. “Oh geez! I’m sorry Sapphire. I thought you were someone else. Don’t scare me like that” she apologized. I sighed. She had punched me in my forehead and now I had a massive head ache. “Fine whatever. There’s something more important that I want to tell you” I said. “What is it?” she asked. “You’ll never guess who was in the field with me tonight” I said. “Who?” she shrieked with excitement. “Ludicrous” I said. “You didn’t kill him did you?” Capa asked with a worried look on her face. “No I didn’t kill him I…..I kissed him” I said. Her eyes widened. “You did not” she shrieked. “But I did” I said sighing happily as I fell back against her bed. She shrieked uncontrollably for about 5 minutes.
When she finally calmed down I gave her details. “I’m going to the vampire ball thingy with him tomorrow night” I said. “That’s great but tell me about the kiss I want to know everything” she shrieked. “Well Ludicrous was really into it” I said. “Good.” She said excitedly. “It was amazing Capa. The best thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.” I shrieked.
“Oh that’s wonderful now details details!” she shrieked. “Well I when I kissed him –“she cut me off. “You kissed him?” she shrieked in shock. “Yeah I did” I sighed happily. “He was so warm and gentle. Well until we hit the ground.”
“Wait you got on the ground too. Oh this is juicy. Tell me how he felt you” he said. “Geez you make it sound like I was getting felt up.” I hissed. “Well at least he didn’t feel you up. That would mean he’s only interested in your body rather then you in particular” she said. “He’s too good for that” I said. “Yeah your right.” She said. “He just you know….held me. Like he was worried I’d leave or something. I understand why though. I mean I haven’t been an angel to him” I said. “So how’d you respond? Did you act all into it or were you slower?” she asked. “Into it. After all I…..I think I…..I think I love him” I whispered softly. She shrieked uncontrollably for another 5 minutes.
Then when she clamed down she began talking more calmly again. “So did he act the same way? Did you tell him? Did he tell you he loves you? Did he leave any hints?” she asked frantically. “When I was almost off the field I called back to him saying I love you. I didn’t really give him anytime to react but when I looked back at him I saw him smiling” I said. She shrieked. “This is massively juicy Sapphire.” Capa shrieked.
“Well that’s really all that happened.” I said. “Well we need to find you a dress” she said. “What’s wrong with the dress my mother got me?” I asked. “It’s a little out of date. We need to go to town. Luckily were allowed to leave campus tomorrow. After all our dance is coming up the day after the vampire ball. What time are you meeting him there?” she asked. “He’s picking me up at 6” I said. She smiled. “Just enough time” she said. “What do you mean just enough time? Were aloud of campus at 8 in the morning. That gives us 10 hours. That’s plenty time for us to find a dress. What do you mean by just enough time?” I asked. “Because we have to find the perfect dress silly” she said clunking me on the head. I sighed.
“Get some sleep. Were leaving at exactly 8 to go shopping” she announced to me. I sighed. “Alright” I said. She punched me. “Sound excited” she hissed. “Yeah!” I said using my fake enthusiasm that I use a lot. She sighed. “Close enough” she sighed. She pushed me off the bed. “Go to sleep.” She hissed then fell asleep immediately. I sighed and crawled into bed. Capa is goanna kill me with shopping tomorrow.

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