Mysteries of Fate

February 8, 2010
By c00ki3_m0nst3r BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
c00ki3_m0nst3r BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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If you can't find something to live for, then you best find something to die for. <3


The purple sweater her frail body wore swayed in the tranquilizing wind. Her knuckles were pale from tightly gripping the railing. She wanted to let go, yet at the same time, she wanted to turn back and run. A hundred feet below was the murderous river which so many people had previously fallen victim to. The bridge behind her was deserted. Not a single car went by. No one had stopped the others from jumping so why would anyone stop her?

What Annie wanted was a new life. She waited out each day wishing that something or someone would drag her out of her hell. All she wanted was to be freed from her past, to forget everything and learn to deal with life itself. Eventually she got what she wanted, but it didn’t last for long. Five months ago things changed for the worst. She couldn’t take it anymore. She had let pain overwhelm and suffocate her. It had driven her inches from death.

While she hesitated, the calm wind had become vicious. Her dark brown hair whipped behind her. She was no longer pale. Her cheeks flared with color as the temperature decreased mimicking her emotions. She felt cold inside. Slowly she turned her back to the river. She changed her mind; she wouldn’t jump. While she steadied herself and flung her leg over the railing a car zoomed by. Its tremendous honk vibrated through her ears, and she lost her grip. Luckily her leg was intertwined between the railings. For a split second she paused and tears ran down her rosy cheeks. As she once again hoisted herself up, she hadn’t realized how shaky the car had made her. She began to fall backwards…


“Mary Anne! Wake up! Get your lazy butt up and get ready for school! NOW!!!” my mom screamed at me from downstairs, awaking me from my nightmare.

It had been a week since I started having that treacherous recurring dream. Over and over it played while I was unconscious. Night after night yet it never differed. A young boy chased after me in an eerie alley and shadows crowded behind us as we ran through the mist. Gasping for breath he followed in a failed attempt to reach me. I saw the body of an innocent boy, but his eyes were those of an experienced elder. And I was running from them. No matter how fast I forced my legs to move, they would swiftly move in front of me and I would fall into an immense abyss. That’s how it was every night, but I thought nothing of it. To me it was just a foolish dream.

I opened my eyes slightly, enough to see my swarthy Chihuahua peering at me. I loved the way his body quivered at the sound of the slightest noise. I felt comfortable, protective. When I rubbed his tummy and he closed his glistening eyes I couldn’t help but smile. I remember when I first got him. I rattled my brain for a name but nothing would fit. I had finally chosen Oreo. It was perfect, him being so small and dark.

Reluctantly I dragged myself out of my warm cozy bed and sighed. “Just another day… Nothing ever changes. I get up; go to school, and come back home to sleep. While in between I hide my pain…” I mumbled as I got dressed and went downstairs.

“Hurry up! Geez, you take forever! Would it kill you to pick up the pace for once?” I smiled at the sight of the golden curls bobbing up and down as she shook her head at me. Her rosy complexion was mesmerizing, beautiful. The sparkly blue eyes she possessed were her weapons. One look and you would be bowing at her feet. She was standing up straight in a fancy manner almost, waiting for me to hurry.

I went to the fridge in search of the pepperoni pizza I had ordered yesterday, but no luck it had mysteriously vanished. I nudged her with my elbow and tossed an orange at her. “Chill Gloria. We’ve got plenty of time. So how was your date last night? Tell me everything! Did you have fun?” I winked at her, dramatically emphasizing the word fun. I wanted to hear everything. It was rare that my best bud went out on dates, so of course I was anxious.

Nothing. I waited for her to say something, but nothing came out of her bright red lips. The silence was creepy spreading through the previously cheery kitchen. I walked up to her and gently poked her side. No reaction. It’s like I wasn’t even there.

“Umm, you okay?” I was scared now. This wasn’t normal. Gloria would never miss a chance to spill the beans. If I remembered correctly she would call me at three in the morning just to tell me that her and her hottie had made out all night. She would drone on about how she had miraculously seen his sexy abs and how sweet his lips tasted, until I either hung up or fell asleep. Something was wrong. Something had happened and I was completely unaware of the situation…


The author's comments:
Honestely I don't know what made me write this. I guess it was because my friend was going through something similar and I've been thinking about all the stories he told me. I'm not sure if I'll finish the story, depends on how many people like it :)

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