*The Aburn Eclipse* (Part 6)

February 8, 2010
Selene woke from her nap with a huge smile on. The moonlight shone on her through the window that had the curtains opened. She had just enough time to get ready for school. She saw that Calypso and Skylar were staring at her with huge smiles.

“What are you looking at?” Selene asked trying to act like nothing happened last night. “Oh girl, please! Don’t tell me you don’t know what were smiling about!?” Calypso said in disbelief. “I’m guessing I don’t!” she replied. “We’re talking about your dance and flirting with Mason!” Skylar interrupted. “Oh that” she said while giving a huge smile. “Well girl you’re lucky!” Calypso said while standing up from her bed and hugging her best friend. Skylar came and hugged her best friend too.

“Besides it was nothing” she said shrugging. “Oh please, he’s totally into you. Well I’m glad for you, anyways. It seems like he really cares about you” she said with a smile while holding both of Selene’s’ shoulders and staring directly at her. “You’re making a big deal! It was just one dance that was well very intimate” she said blushing. “Sweetheart he will” Skylar and Calypso said at the same time. They all stomped their feet, screamed in excitement and laughed.

They all took hot showers and got dressed. Selene decided to wear something a little more attractive than her usual clothing. She wore a green dress that matched her eyes that reached the top of her knees. She then wore some all black converse that matched her hair. She also wore her silver moon necklace. Then she put on some dark eye shadow, a thin black line of eye liner and some lip gloss that smelled of watermelon. Instead of wearing some more fancy clothes they decided to go casual so Selene could have the spotlight.

They wore Sweat pants, t-shirts, sneakers and black hoodies. They also put on just of a hint of light make-up. They picked up their books and backpacks and headed out the door for some breakfast. Once down in the lounge area they went to the mini-refrigerators to get milk and get the Fruit Loops cereal. While eating they watched the Sponge-Bob Square Pants episodes (they loved the yellowy sponge!). Then they went back real quick to their room so they could brush their teeth (especially Selene!).

Outside it was dark but was lit by the street lamps on the sides and by their goddess. All three of them walked down the path to get to the school. Then they passed the guys’ dorm and saw Mason sitting in a near by bench reading a book.

He rose his head to see all three of them smiling at him. He rose and smiled back but at a moment it seemed to be only for Selene. “’Ello mates! How’s it going?” he asked. “Nothing much just getting ready to obviously go to school and accompany you on your first day!” Skylar said enthusiastically. “I bet you are Sky!” he said laughing. “Tee-hee hee I have a nickname by you!” she squealed. He laughed his most adoring laugh.

When they all started walking again he whispered to Selene in her ear “Hi, I missed you.” She laughed quietly and said “Hi too! And as did I.” Without another word they kept smiling at each other and held hands and once again they got that warm, tingly and electric feeling that they now were becoming used to.

Their first class was English 101. Their teacher was named Mr. W. This was for Mr. Westfield. He was very tall and slim. His short hair was very black like the color of coal. His gray eyes were very little but wide. He wore a white suite with a stripped black tie and the insignia of the school on the corner of his shoulder.

“Welcome class! Today we shall read about how our race became. So turn to page 16 please in your textbooks” he said in his teacher voice. Now instead of Calypso and Selene sitting together it was Selene and Mason because the teacher switched him so that now Calypso would sit next to Skylar. As they opened their text books they played footsies’ with each other, smiled and giggled. “Ok now who wants to start the first chapter?” he asked to the class. Many hands were raised. But yet he picked Mason who didn’t even raise his hand at all.

“Chapter 1: The beginning of our time. Our goddess is the moon. In all her power she glows every night in complete glory. Her powers are more powerful than most of the elements in the universe. On one day she decided to create a new and powerful race. She wanted them to be the number #1 predators in the universe. By that she created us-the vampires from her powers. They rose from her inner core and most were cold, pale (some color), fangs and had a thirst for blood. But before anything they danced making it a tradition for all vampires to do right after they thanked her for making them. For years and for years to come she has granted us our wishes and led us through the darkest times like the war between the new raised humans and vampires that we ultimately defeated. She is our world. She is our light. She is our passion. She is our life. She is our goddess!” Mason said in the coolest and calming voice without stuttering once. Selene smiled at him and felt her heart race faster and faster as he smiled again his breath-taking smile at her and cupped her hand in his.

“Very good job my dear Mason!” Mr. W said excitedly. “Thank-you professor” he replied with a slight bow of his head. “I have a feeling you’re going to be a great student here at the House of Moon!” he said. “Why thank-you that’s a great honor sir” he replied.

“My pleasure!” Mr. W said with a smile showing his sharpened fangs. During class they wrote different facts on the chapter Mason had read. Shortly the class was finished and they had five minutes to get to the next class that was right next door so they waited in the hallway.
“I’m very proud of you! Already on your first day you’ve done an awesome job!” Selene said excitedly at Mason. “Thanks” he said in his accent. “Welcome, so what do you think of the school so far?” she asked. “It’s been great! Especially when I have some great friends there with me…and a little company by someone very special” he answered. Selene laughed her dorky laugh (that he already loved; one of the reasons he liked her so much) with a few snorts here and there. He laughed his laugh as he heard her snorts. The second bell for second period had ringed and they entered the class hand-in-hand to their French class.

“Please students take your seats. Now that we are all settled in welcome to my French class. So bon’jour!” said Ms. Alice. “Bon’jour!” replied the entire class. The teacher had them practice with the person next you the word list she had passed out and with their meaning. While practicing their French Mason whispered “Je t'aime.” “What does that mean?” Selene whispered back. “It means ‘I love you’” he whispered back with a smile. Total shock went through her body. Her mouth fell open. How could he love me so early!? She asked herself. Oh my god what do I say! Do I love him too!? Oh please help me my goddess a sign would really help right now! Ok calm down. Just say it you know you feel that way about him! She thought to herself before saying anything. He started looking worried and sad. “Wow…” she whispered with a smile. He then smiled too but also waiting for her to say something. “I love you too!” she whispered as they touched hands and again felt that great feeling that was made between them.

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