Love Colors

January 29, 2010
Why is life so boring and dull during most days? It's boring like the color of this pencil, and as dull as this point. It should be exciting like this pen, so color filled, and happy. This color reminds me of him in his basketball uniform, and his chocolate brown hair moving in the wind of him. Oh, how he glides down the court to shoot the winning basket. Oh, how I miss that boy. Then it turns back to the ugly, boring, colorless gray. Ah, gray reminds me of Dean how he love me so dearly, then I hurt him with so much painful rage.
Oh, but see the color brightens again into this beautiful, bright pink. There’s so much love, and compassion in this color. It reminds me of Conner Heinlein, and how he treated me so sweetly for so long. I was in passionate love with him. The way he said my name gave me tingles all over my body. Sadly he sent me back to that awful gray he brought me from before. Dumped me like road kill. This color lasted for so long.
Then, baby blue. This color reminds me of the little stuffed teddy bear Clayton had given me. Ah, I remember that day so well. The day was hot and it had been three months since the first day we started dating. He truly took my breath away. Sweet the way he held me when I cried because of my best friend’s death. Oh, how he wisped me away when I was mad at him. That is until I was dumped in front of everyone. The gray lasted over night, and until the party I was filled with sadness. They helped me through my hurting pain.
Oh green. It is super, amazingly bright, neon, green. It was the color of Monte’s shirt that night. He helped me through the pain the most. He treated me well. That boy truly has a heart of gold. He may not like me anymore, but we are still friend to this day. I maybe back in this gray after, but what can I do? I have found better gray. Gray helps sometimes, not much, but sometimes.

Soon, I jumped dramatically to red. It was the hottest color known to man kind. Red is…was…sometimes reminds me of the guy who stole my heart last, Morgan. He’s just so fun and sweet to joke with. He makes me smile everyday. He still does, even today when I was in the hall I said,” Morgan like chocolate more than he likes me!” He started to say something, but I just hugged him. Morgan, I don’t know why, but he’s the first thing I think about when I wake up, and the last thing I think about when I fall asleep. I think he’s the first guy to steal my heart in a very long time. I think it might just stay that way, and I sure hope it does. Forever is the word I want, need, crave for to describe this. What do you think?

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savannahrex1 said...
Feb. 17, 2010 at 12:17 pm
to let everyone know yes im the authur i didnt take the colors thing from anyone the firdst color at the top where it says this pen its orange
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