*The Auburn Eclipse* (Part 1)

January 28, 2010
The air carried a scent of leaves and bark with its icy touch. It was so cold that once it touched your skin it made your little hairs prickle up gently then falls back down as it rushed towards its next victim. The trees shook gently but were bear naked without any leaves left to sway. They’re trunks were of a deep earthy brown that connected with the earth below.

Above was the full moon. It was a perfect circle that shined beautifully. Then a scream was in the air. “Aaahhh!” screamed the teenage girl that was lying down on the ground. Looking down on her were five figures in black cloaks that draped down all the way to their ankles.

The girl was just wearing a black dress that was very short; it just barely reached the top of her thighs. Her hair was dark and curled and it reached just below her shoulders. Her eyes were of an auburn gold that had tears running down her tanned cheeks. She was barefoot and trying to crawl away from the figures above.

But they dragged her back. “What the hell are you trying to do to me!?” she yelled. “Oh sweetie its ok don’t worry, this will just hurt…a lot!” replied a girl who pulled back her hood revealing her beautiful face. She was very pale and had bright red eyes and a perfect smile white smile revealing her sharp fangs. And her blonde hair curled straight down to the length of her elbow.

The girl gasped and whispered “vampire” with a disgusted look. “Yeah, that’s right sweetie, something better than you will ever be” she hissed. Two of the other figures held down the girls’ arms and legs while she struggled to get free. The blonde pale figure bent down on one knee hovering over the girls’ body. She used one of her fingers to push back the hair on the girls face. Then she grabbed one shoulder and pushed it down and cupped her chin and raised it upward. She slowly leaned in, opened her mouth wide, and bit the girls’ neck right where the wildly beating pulse was.




“Pssttt, pass this to Selene” said Skylar. She stretched out her long and pale arm and passed it to the classmate next to her. Her long and orangey red hair flowed downward as she leaned in closer to pass the folded note. Quickly she straightened up looking straight at the teacher in front of the class. Her purple eyes followed the quick and graceful moves of the tall slim teacher in front of her.

“Hey Selene, it’s from Skylar” said Calypso. As she passed the note she locked eyes with Selene. Her blue eyes looked straight at Selene’s’ emerald green eyes. They both smiled as she took the note from Calypso. Then she slowly opened the note that read: “Hey! It’s from Skylar…?” Selene looked back towards Skylar and gave her a glare. Skylar just simply waved and smiled her perfect, cute and innocent smile. Hahaha, so typical Skylar! She thought to herself as she silently laughed and shacked her head in disbelief.

Then with a loud ring the class was dismissed. She picked up her bag that was on the floor next to her and joined her friends on dismissing the rest of class. The three walked slowly towards their lockers to get the rest of their stuff.

“Wow that was such an interesting note, Skylar!” Selene said with a smile showing her perfectly whitened smile and fangs. “Oh my gosh! Thank-you I knew you would like it!” Skylar said. “Girl, please you do know she was being sarcastic?” Calypso said while raising one eyebrow. “Oh you were?” Skylar said confused. Selene and Calypso both exchanged looks of disbelief. Then they burst into laughter.

They walked and walked until the reached the courtyard outside. The courtyard was amazing and huge. The fountain had crystal clear water running down in streams. The moon light made the water sparkle even brighter (they’re vampires so they go to school at night instead of day because it’s more comfortable; they can go outside during the day but it just has a little sting). The bushes were filled with bright red roses that were shimmering.

The floor was covered in stones that fit perfectly together like a jigsaw puzzle. It was all in a circle that was surrounded by marble pillars. The courtyard was also filled with many teen vampires that had the tattoo of their school on different areas. See students here could choose where to put the sign of the school.

“Hey did you hear about the new kid coming today?” Skylar asked. “Oh girl, you mean that new Australian hottie?” Calypso asked. “Wait there’s gonna be a hunk ‘o’ burning love coming here!?” Selene asked. “Huh? Who the heck says ‘hunk ‘o’ burning love’ anymore!?” Calypso asked in disbelief. “Whatever just continue” she replied.

“Well anyways yeah he’s supposed to have this amazing (Australian) accent and a delicious set of abs!” Skylar squealed. “Holy crap! I can’t wait to see that sugar” Calypso said (while sticking out her lips, raising her eyebrows and doing a ‘mmm’ sound). “Oh please” Selene said. “Hey, I might be a little dumb but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s true or false” Skylar replied defensively.

“Fine I guess we’ll have to wait and see” Selene said. All three of them walked towards their dorm (they were all roommates). The girls’ dorm was huge. It was all made of stone and a few stories high. The windows were all darkened. The doors were pure white (double doors). And two flags with the schools insignia hung right beside the doors.
On the inside was the lounge for all the girls’ to use. There were beanbags, couches, and some re-tractable chairs (very comfortable!). And for some snacks (all healthy snacks because if a vampire gets obese their powers no longer work and they become mortals) they were in mini fridges and some cabinets made of the purest oak.

The counters (and islands) were made of a black marble that always shined. The carpet was a rich white that had no specks of dirt on it and was really furry so that it was as soft as the warm sand under some ones feet.

The walls were all red (color of blood; the purest kind) and all the furniture was black. The curtains that hung over the shaded windows were the same white that match the color of the carpet below.

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JohnyDeppLover123 said...
Feb. 10, 2010 at 5:29 pm
This is kind of a long story so that's why its kind of slow but the other parts will be coming soon!!! So please if interested please read the whole thing once it comes out! : ]
lilmissravenclaw replied...
Feb. 20, 2010 at 8:04 pm
Love it! I'm gonna read the 2nd chapter! :)
JohnnyDeppLover123 replied...
Feb. 20, 2010 at 9:35 pm
Aw thanks so much!!!
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