The Loyal Husband?

January 28, 2010
Tom and Abby, both accountants, went on a cruise aboard a ship called The Adventure of the Seas. This vacation was for their wedding anniversary which they had planned for months. Hoping the vacation would make their marriage stronger they departed on a great trip. When they got on the ship Tom and Abby meet a lady named Stella Alcott, who is a tour guide; who showed them around. When Stella got done showing Tom and Abby around they invited Stella to go out to dinner with them at one of the food courts on the ship.
The next day Tom saw Stella showing another group of people around the ship and she asked Tom to join her. Tom gladly accepted to go on a tour with Stella and the others, and when she wasn’t talking to the group she asked Tom to have dinner with her. He refused because he had plans with Abby. Stella hadn’t talked to Tom since he didn’t accept her date invite, which she only invited Tom, and now she invited both of them, Tom and Abby, to dinner. They went to a restaurant named Unique.
After they got home that night Stella called Abby and they started talking for some time and then when she hung up the phone Abby told Tom that she going to spend the day with Stella. This had ruined the couple’s plans. Since Abby was with Stella, Tom decided to go play poker and go swim to kill time until Abby got done. Tom played poker and he had a lucky game and won against all the other players. He pocketed $2,000 dollars. When Abby got home she told Tom all about her day and she asked him about his and he told her that he won $2,000 dollars! They went out to dinner to celebrate. The couple spent time together for three days and the seemed to be mending their broken marriage.
Then Stella asked Tom to help her with errands and he was gone for around two hours while Abby was stuck waiting around for him. When he got home and changed out of the clothes he was wearing she found red all over his collar but he just said it was juice. She started to get suspicious about him and Stella and then the next day he was gone for the full day and when he got back there was more red all over his collar and on his neck but he lied to her saying he was hit with a shuffleboard puck and that the juice someone threw at him stained his shirt. After this excuse, Abby started to get more suspicious about why Tom was spending so much time with someone who that he meet on a cruise. The next day Tom told Abby that he had some errands to do and a couple minutes after he left she followed him to the other side of the ship where Stella’s room was. Abby saw that Tom has been going into Stella’s room for his “errands.” When Tom came out of Stella’s room Abby was right there to question him about why he was going into her room. After this event Abby started following Tom everywhere he went to make sure that he wasn’t with Stella.
After he got home that day she did his laundry and found that there was a red oval shape, just like a woman’s lips, on his collar. After she found this out she wanted Tom and herself, Abby, to get off the ship at once, but Tom didn’t want to leave. He went and told Stella that his wife was making him get off the ship at the next stop. So, Stella told Tom that she will pay for the rest of the time that he was on the boat. Abby went to the cruise manager and told him that they were only on the ship for 7 out of 14 days and that she wanted the rest of the money back. Tom told Stella his answer on the day that Abby had gotten off the boat. As Abby stepped on to the dock Tom yelled out to her “I am staying here with the love of my life!”

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