The One For Me

January 28, 2010
By Anonymous

I saw him in the hall today. He was walking with her. Savannah. Her blonde curly hair bounced with every step. She was all over him but he was looking the other way. That just fueled my insane thoughts that maybe she is not the one he thinks about. Maybe another girl. Maybe me.

I see them together all the time but he’s never focused on her. I can see her noticing me looking at him so she always pulls his face toward hers and that’s about the time when I walk away. Why would he ever like a girl like me? I am hideous and Savannah is gorgeous. Christian is a senior and I’m only in the 10th grade. I would never have a chance with him.
I am the most popular girl in almost all of Arizona. I am the head of the cheerleading squad and I’m dating the captain of the football team. He’s totally in love with me but he’s scared to show it even thought I can see him thinking all the time. Its probably about me. I always see this pesky little 10th grader looking at him like she actually could have a chance with him.hes totally popular and in 12th grade. He would never go from a girl like me to a girl like her. Her hair is always messy, her clothes never go together, and she is EXTREMELY ugly. That’s about the time I show that girl who Christian really likes…ME!

I see her in school everywhere. Her name is Susie. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. She has long brown hair with dark brown eyes. Yeah I have a girlfriend, Savannah. She is only dating me because I am the football captain and she is the captain of the cheerleading squad. I am only dating her because, well I don’t know why.

She is not the only one I think about and lately I have caught myself thinking a lot. It’s Susie. Susie is practically the complete opposite of her. Susie is real. Yeah sometimes her hair isn’t perfect and her clothes don’t always match but that is what makes her her and I love it. She has real beauty and Savannah is covered up behind a flood of make up on her face. She always catches me thinking and I think she knows it’s not about her but Susie because she always tries to kiss me. As she is turning my face toward hers I see Susie walking away. If only she knew how I felt. She probably thinks I’m just some stuck snobby up football player. The next day was almost exactly the same but this time when Savannah was bringing my face to hers I saw Susie again. But now she was walking towards me and Savannah. That’s when it happened.

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