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January 30, 2010
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I'm country. Why is this important? Well, look at the title. I 'm not a good riter, um writer but I can manage. It all started with Robbie, the numero uno guy IN THE SCHOOL. I mean, he WAS kinda cute. By kinda I mean Hilariously U-G-L-Y.To all of the uglier boys around him atleast. Every single girl wanted to touch him. Feel his breath on her own cheek or even get him to tell her self that he loved her self. BUT NOT ME. Not in my dreams or out of my mouth. Why? Well i thought that he was a big ol' fake. Hair gelled up to perfection, Mustache (yes, mustache, my LEAST favorite part of him) combed ( yes combed!!!) to perfection and even his breath smelled and apparently tasted perfect to but nevermind that part. I wanted nothing to so with the guy. Untill of course, he came up to me and kissed me. yes kissed me in the end of 3rd period. Surprised you right? Well sure did smackarooni suprised me too.

2 weeks later, well more like 2 days later, we were having fun out at the bar and making jokes till we couldn't stop lauphing ; the kind of relationship any girl would ever want...

To be Continued

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