Total Control- Prologue

January 30, 2010
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Ginny betrayed me. She had my heart in grasp and with one huge knife she cut it in half. I had given her an irreplaceable rare gift and she had taken it with her without even a thank you. She left only a fragment of it back, a tiny chip. She took all her belongings, all her crap. I wouldn’t have cared as much if she had just taken everything. Instead she decided to leave a piece of my gift with me. That one action could have speared me night after night of lonely solo drunken singing parties and losing my job. Instead of wanting to disappear like smoke, she wanted to leave her mark back, a mark of territory. She wanted to leave something back to prove to the world that she held total control over me, total and complete control. When Ginny betrayed me she left me with a chip it. She left me with my memories, every single memory.

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