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January 30, 2010
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I could not wait for today. Today was the day. A day of happiness. A day of celebration. But in all cases of celebration, much preparation is needed. Thus, I went out to set up her party. Oh, how I love surprising her. Her favorite cake, Carrot, with the little frosting carrots on top. I had it stored in the fridge from yesterday.

I could not wait to see the smile light up on her face. Her rubicund expression will bring tears to my eyes as she laughs at all I have prepared. Her most favorite gift was displayed in the window at the store. I knew it the second my eyes glanced upon it. Oh how she would adore it, wrapped up in a florid, red paper, with her name picturesquely written across it.

I could not wait to sing her song. The song that she thinks is way too corny and makes her blush with embarrassment. The loving stare she will throw my way will set my heat on fire. My love for her is eternal, forever.

I could not wait to see her attempt to blow out all the candles. I had purchased the extra sparkler ones that never go out. I buy them every year, and every year she scorns me for it. But it is all in good fun. Her cute and boisterous laughter will fill the room as she tries to eliminate candle after candle, and then start back over again.

I could not wait for it to begin. It was time for her to be the center of attention. I laid out plates and forks on the tablecloth. The cake with the same thirty candles in it was placed ever so gently on her side of the table. I lit the candles and turned of the lights. And we began.

I could not wait as I sat down in my empty apartment, at my table, across from her empty seat where she will always be thirty years old to me. To the love of my life, I began to sing her song, as a tear ran down my face.

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