Heart Break

January 29, 2010
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I tapped my foot impatiently on the carpet. The Teacher blabbed on and on about History. I couldn't care less about anyone's history. Not even mine. I swayed back and forth in my desk. My eyes looked out the window, scanning the school grounds. I felt the happiness build inside me. I painted a perminent smile across my face. I hid the laughter so I wouldn't draw to much attention. My friend kept on passing a note to me that said "Why are you smiling? This is History! No one ever smile's! What the heck? Cut it out you creep me out! You look like the Joker who's about to kill someone with his cool knife" I giggled at that one. I traced the mountain face with my scanning eyes. The snow didn't really stick to the ground. It landed in midair. I felt so warm even though everyone was complaining about how cold it was. Every time the Teacher turned the heater up, my temperature went up with it. My cheeks blushed like a red, red rose. I started to listen to a random tune in my head. I jumped up and down like an impatient kid in my mind. I shook my head to the tune every once in awhile. Butterflies filled my stomach until it was full. I just let the happiness build and build. I wanted to explode when the bell rang. I was still a little ticked that I sat in the way back of the classroom so I wasn't near the door. I stole a glance at the clock. It was almost there. Just three seconds more... C'mon!! I was on the edge of my seat. I inched closer to the opening in the desk to escape. The big hand was almost there. YES! Faster. The tension build with the happiness and excitment. The happiness hit me like a train on a track. I felt my eyes bulging. I felt some confused and annoyed eyes on my face. My heart beat accelerated as the last two seconds ticked on by. I let my teeth show so I wouldn't rip my bottom lip. I needed my lips after this for a special activity. I let a giggle escape that one. The Teacher glanced at me. He was about to ask me a question on something but, to late! The bell rang and I was gone. I was booking it out the door. I was up before any of my other classmates. I heard my friends yelling my name from behind me. I didn't care. I was out of the classroom and heading down the hallway. I still had a few more seconds before the kids were out of the classrooms. I ran faster. My heart beat faster and faster. Why couldn't I run like this in gym? Oh well. I just let the excitment and happiness take control of all controls in my brain. The only thing I was allowed to use were my eyes and lips. The kids started to turn the corner when the students walked out of class. I stopped in the hallway. I felt my heart start to slow. I was planted into the carpet. My feet were nailed. I felt the happiness struck my heart. The beating started up again. I looked straight down the hallway to the front doors. My love was leaving with some blurred images. I couldn't see any faces at all. I smiled wider and pushed and shoved against the heavy sweaty bodies. I couldn't see anyone. Not even my best friends saying my name. I could only see him. I started yelling his name. Than from the corner of my eye, I saw a dark figure smile a wicked smile at me. I didn't tare my gaze from my one true love. I shoved harder until I was at the doors. I saw my love standing under the school roof waiting. I smiled and walked now. The dark image was walking in front of me this time. The demon probably had a smile on her face. Her shaggy wispy dark brown hair lit into flames in my perspective. Her brown eyes turned to pitch black. Her veins seeped threw her skin under her eyes.She smiled that wicked smile again. Only, it was more of a ha ha ha smile. Like a teasing smile. Than her image transformed into the girl everyone saw at school.She stopped in front of my lover and said "Hello boys" she said to his friends who surrounded him now. She looked at them in the face and stopped at his. She smiled her so called loving smile and said "Hello Sam." He smiled and said "Hey ! I'm just waiting for my girlfriend" He winked at his buddy's. She smiled wider and said "Well, I'm here!" She raised an eyebrow and puckered her lips. Sam took two steps back from her. His friends evaporated into the surrounding kids. Bonnie took three closer. She was a couple inches away from his lips. She whispered "And I always will be" I was fast walking than. I started to run. But, than they seemed farther away. I shook my head no a few times. Than Bonnie smacked her lips onto Sam's. He eyes were already closed. My heart immediately stopped with my feet. I was on my hands and knees. I felt dumb struck. Tears started to flow out of me and I couldn't hear anything. Not even my gasps for air and people's ooh's and awe's. I lept off of the ground and ran for the parking lot. This was beyond unfair. I wiped my tears as I booked it out into the falling snow. I ran all the way to the end of the sidewalk. I calmed myself down and stopped to turn around. I stared at the two kissing teens. I felt hallow. Just....hallow. I saw only red. I felt my tears stop when Bonnie pulled herself apart from Sam. She smiled and looked at me. She said something and walked into her bus. She waved to Sam. He was dumb struck in the middle of the sidewalk. I yelled with rage and turned as Sam looked at me with his wide blue eyes. I heard him yell my name. I just fell into the snow and took my boots off. I stuck my feet into the snow and waited. I said under my breath as my toes started to turn purple-ish black "Stupid Love". Sam arrived when I was staring into the sky. My expression was empty as I shut my eyes............. Sam whispered in my ear "I waited for you. Not Bonnie. Remember our conversation at lunch?" It really wasn't a conversation to me. It was more like a touchy moment. I remeber his hands around my back and me in his arms. I was twinning my fingers through his hair. He was kissing the hallow of my neck. We were in the PE health room. I was smiling as he talked to me. He had said "After school, I will kiss you in front of all my friends and declare my love to you." He had than kissed my throat and than up to my jaw. He didn't ever kiss my lips. Only my body. That was a very long lunch to me. Than I was in the present. I was out of the cold snow and in a warm room. My eye sight got blurry. I saw two figures. One was debating. The other was looking at (I guess) me. I whispered "Sam?" The figure by the window looked into my eyes. I felt someone touching me. I looked at the weird object on my chest. It was something alright. The hand was on my stomach. Sam walked over. He said in a harsh voice "STOP IT! GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER!!" The hands disapeard. new hands replaced them. But they moved back and forth rubbing my belly. It felt nice. The other figure said "I'm sorry that I love her too!" The figure sounded familiar. Like.. No way. It couldn't be. Could it? Sam had my hand in his. He was kissing it. I still couldn't take my gaze off of the blurry figure I knew. Than it hit me like a lightning rod. OMG!!

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Emi3ly said...
Feb. 22, 2011 at 1:43 pm
Do yourselves a favor? DO NOT READ THIS!!!
emilyheartjonas said...
Feb. 10, 2010 at 9:52 am
its really good, just the ending needs tweaking :-)
*Emilot* said...
Feb. 8, 2010 at 5:58 pm
Sorry if you don't like this. I was so bored that I wanted to write something badly. I love the begging but I hate the ending. Sorry! Peace out!!
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