Adventures of a Sister and a Best Friend Part 2

January 29, 2010
By TheScene SILVER, Brackenridge, Pennsylvania
TheScene SILVER, Brackenridge, Pennsylvania
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To clear her head of all her problems Tara headed towards the cafeteria to get some chi tea. As Tara sipped her chi tea an idea popped into her head; she would go to Andrea and Callie’s dorm and tell Andrea just how wrong she was about her and Sav. When Tara got to their room she found that Callie and Andrea weren’t there but the door was unlocked. In all of her fury Tara did something that she would soon regret but never say she didn’t enjoy. Tara went into their dorm and snooped. She found a small notebook on the desk on Andrea’s side of the room that was marked “Private.” Tara was about to walk away when she remembered how Andrea had read her letter and then started to read the notebook. At first the notebook was just a list of hot and not hot students but then it became Andrea’s diary. Little by little Tara gained dirt on Andrea, until she found a part where Andrea started to talk about how hot this guy was that she had met at the K Café and how she had a date with him; and it was that night! Just then Tara heard a strange noise coming from down the hall and it was moving closer.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” screamed Andrea as soon as she saw the open door.
“Andrea calm down. We did leave the door unlocked when we left for classes this morning. It’s no biggie,” said Callie calmly.
Quickly Tara opened the window and climbed out to the parking lot. Tara rapidly ran towards Hope’s dorm, which was on the other side of the campus.
“Hope, open up. It’s Tara,” she said as she rapidly tapped on the window.
The lights flickered on and a sleepy Hope opened the window.
“What do you want?” asked Hope as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.
“Hope, we have to go out,” said Tara abruptly.

As Hope got dressed Tara thought of where Andrea and her date might have gone and then remembered the K Café. It was the most popular place in town, so Tara and Hope scurried there to watch {and film} Andrea’s date... whether she liked it or not. As they watched the date they could tell that it was such fake romance and that Andrea had more feelings for him than he did for her. Just then Sav walked in and Andrea hurried off to the bathroom. Tara couldn’t have told you any of this seeing how she was totally checking out Sav. His shaggy blonde hair was so cute and his eyes were so beautiful, they were like the ocean had every ounce of beauty taken away and put into his eyes. Just then Hope elbowed Tara in the stomach and got her back on track. They ducked when they saw Andrea slowly maneuvering out of the bathroom and back towards where her date had been. While Andrea was in the bathroom her date had pretty much ran off leaving Andrea feeling like she was worthless, but that was all made up for when she saw Sav carrying a Gucci Clutch.
“Oh is that for me?” Andrea said as she approached Sav.
“No I didn’t even know that you were going to be here…” said Sav with an embarrassed tone in his voice.
“Well then who is it for?’ asked Andrea angrily
“Um…. I ….. I… I ……” mumbled Sav
Tara, seeing Sav’s troubles gain the courage to go there and tell Andrea off. Tara walked right up to Sav and Andrea and grabbed Sav’s arm.
“Thanks for holding this for me sweetie,” said Tara.
“What?” yelled Andrea.
“Yeah I liked you earlier but then you got all rude to me like I was a possession and I could be thrown around so I found some one else,” said Sav.
“Does that someone have to be my sister???” asked Andrea.
“Well to be honest with you I’m not dating your sister. I’m not dating anyone in your family your all psycho.” Sav said as he slowly backed out of the café.
“Ugh, don’t you dare walk out of this café…Savian…Cole…Martian,” Said Andrea irritably.
“Savian??” asked Hope and Tara curiously.
“Don’t ask it is a long story,” grunted Sav.
“Ok,” said Tara pleasantly.
“First of all, how did you know my full name? And why do you think that you have any control over me?” Sav asked Andrea angrily.
“I read it off of the class list. And I have some form of control over everyone; I’m popular,” said Andrea arrogantly.
“Why would you read his name off the class list and not just ask him; he was your boyfriend for 5 hours,” said Hope cruelly.
“Um…. Um… How should I know…I’m not that smart!” said Andrea.
And with that Sav slipped out of the café.

The next day in science everything was quiet. Not one person said a word to Andrea because everyone saw her meltdown in the middle of the café. Even Callie stayed away from her sister. Everyone sat there watching the minutes pass by, waiting for the bell. Then Leyland broke the silence.
“Hope, I really like you,” said Leyland
“Really? I like you too,” said Hope esthetically.
“Would you like to go out with me tomorrow night?” mumbled Leyland shyly.
“You mean like on a date?” asked Hope.
“Yeah, of course I mean like on a date,” said Leyland.
“Well, I don’t really know I would have to check my schedule,” said Hope as she looked at Tara.
Tara slowly shook her head with a glint of joy in her eyes; telling Hope that she was good to go.
“Well I guess I’m free,” said Hope happily.
“Great I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 7,” said Leyland.
The rest of the room started to cheer and scream out at the top of their lungs.
“Go Hope! You and Leyland are perfect together” yelled Tara.
Just then Sav grabbed Tara’s hand and kissed her.
“What was that?” asked Tara.
“I have been in love with you since the first day I saw you I’ve just never had the courage to tell you,” said Sav affectionately.
“Is that true?” Tara asked Leyland.
“Yes. And I’m glad that he finally asked you out, he never stops talking about you,” said Leyland.
“Leyland, why would you say that?” said Sav embarrassedly.
“It needed to be said” said Leyland.
“Tara, will you go out with me tomorrow?” asked Sav timidly.
“Of course I will. I have been in love with you too,” said Tara with a sudden burst of confidence.
“What!?” screamed Andrea, “I am the most popular girl in this school ad you choose my little geek of a sister over me? Ugh!”
With that Andrea started to go around the room and harm the students who were still cheering for Tara and Sav. Mr.Thornsburgh had just walked into the room when Andrea started to harm the other students and pulled her out of the room and down to the headmaster’s chambers.
“Miss Tonkin has been harming other students; i.e. punching them for apparent reason.” Said Mr.Thornsburgh.
Then he walked out of the room leaving Andrea there to beg for mercy.
“Miss Tonkin why were you punching the other students?’ said the headmaster.
“Well I don’t really know I just had the urge to punch something and they were the closest things,” said Andrea.
“Really? And why were you trying to work you way to, from what hear is now you ex-boyfriend?” asked the headmaster.
“I don’t know” said Andrea.
“So I have no chose but to expel you from Orchard Academy. If you remember your honor code it says that I have the right to kick you out if you do something that is breaking a law/ rule,” said the headmaster.
And with hat security took Andrea to her room and watched her pack her bags, unwillingly. As she packed her bags she didn’t even bother saying good-bye to Callie or Tara. She just sat there stuffing her bags with Callie’s things. Andrea knew that if she took Callie’s things that she would have a reason to come back to the school and break up Tara and that jerk Sav. All she had to do was make it out of the school without being stopped by one of her friends, which wasn’t too hard.

The next day after classes Callie approached Tara.
“I’m sure you have heard about Andrea, I mean everyone has,” said Callie.
“Yeah, it’s not that big of deal. Other people having been kicked out of Orchard Academy before and no one made a big deal about them,” said Tara.
“I have never realized how nice you are. You were always hidden behind a mask that Andrea made for you,” said Callie nicely.
“Thank you. That is the nicest thing you have ever said to me. I think that Andrea has made a mask for everyone, including the teachers,” said Tara.
“Well you never know what she has done so you can’t tell if she made a mask of everyone else or if she was the one with the mask, its impossible,” said Callie.
“You know; you are a great person and would make a wonderful friend. Anyone would be lucky to have you,” said Tara sympathetically.
Those few sentences made a friendship between Tara and Callie that no one could ever break no matter how hard they try. Tara had learned a valuable lesson from the adventures that they had, had over the past weeks, never give up no matter what is your problem and that you should never hide behind a mask that isn’t who you really and truly are.
Sav and Tara really hit it off and dating for the rest of high school only to find out that they were going to universities on opposite sides of the country. Hope and Leyland stayed together and eventually got married. And Andrea, well you know what happened.

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