Chapter 1 - High Schools Drama

January 29, 2010
By angier GOLD, Centerville ,Pa, Pennsylvania
angier GOLD, Centerville ,Pa, Pennsylvania
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Chapter 1:
Even though it’s only halfway through the school year, the halls of Westward Academy school halls still had the smell of rose Perfume. The laughter and whispering makes me want to cry. I pull my sweater closer to my body. Every day I get the same pain, the fear of walking down this hall, past Megan Mill’s locker .The in crowd gathers there after 3rd period, her friends, boyfriends (she has more than one), her fans, and the wanna-bees. They just stand around and take up the whole hall. They make it impossible to slip by unnoticed. And maybe one of them will look at you and smile or wave.

After I finally make it through the crowd I walk slowly to Mark’s locker, put the combination in and cringe as the smell of old gym clothes slaps me in the face. The odor is disgusting, so I quickly grab my swimming bag and slam the door. As I turn to walk away I see Mark coming around the corner, so I wait for him. He comes over and we hug. He opens his locker and I can tell he smells the stench. I laugh and take out my white grape body spray and spray it like crazy around the inside of the dingy blue locker. The late bell rings and I roll my eyes. I know we would have to use the keys I was given to get in the pool for swim practice and days I had to do stats for the elementary school swim team.
Mark looks at me “Can we use your back key to get in to the pool? I don’t want Mr. Laird to find out we were late.”
I look at him and laugh as I dangle the key in front of his face. He sighs and leans in to hug me, but I stop the hug, grab his hand and rush toward the pool.

Standing in the dim lit locker room, I couldn’t help but think about Mark. What was going on between us? We shared lockers for school, after school activities, gym class and swim class. We rode the same bus, lived a few miles apart and practically grew up together. I always had a major crush on him but it had mellowed out in the past year. We had been through so much together.

Just as I was thinking about Mark, Megan walked into the locker room. She threw her bag on the bench and a tear was running down her cheek. I started to walk toward the door and hesitated; I turned and started to ask if she was okay but before the words got out her group of friends came in.
I walked out into the pool and the wave of heat slapped me in the face and almost knocked me of my feet. I turned and looked at the boys sitting on the bench. No Mark yet. I sat down next to Kali and she smiled at me and asked where I was. I winked, smiled and told her I ran a little late. Kali looked over at the boy section and her eyes got really big. I turned my head and noticed Mark. It was all I could do to keep myself from staring. From his bare feet to his ruffled hair he was a sight to see. His muscles had grown a lot, since the last time I seen him shirtless, and his abs were so much more defined. I knew he was going to work out more over break but I didn’t know a little exercise could do that much.
My stomach suddenly had butterflies as he walked over to the wall and started to stretch. He looked over at me at me and I could tell he was taking in the sight of me. The girls with pin strait hair and, in a clearance knock of swimsuit. It was name brand and would be very cute, if I had anything there to fill it. I knew I must look better than I did last semester swim class. I had grown more and I had been attending track, swimming, and even done some dance classes. Mark started walking toward me and I tried not to look anxious.
“You’re looking good “
“You’re not bad yourself “My voice seemed to squeak
Mark laughed just as Coach Laird walked in.
“Sit in your assigned bleachers so I can take roll!” he yelled.
Megan walked out of the locker room and a bunch of guys started whistling and hooting .She turned and grinned. I knew she was back.
“Angie, Show the class how to do a butterfly stroke!”he yelled so loud ,If Coach Laird entered a yelling contest, man, he would win!
“But, I mean, why me …” I protested
“Do you want 20 laps after class? Get in the water! “
I walked over to the water’s edge and dived in. As the water swallowed me up I heard the coach comment on my form and position of my arms and legs. I then heard a few rude remarks, but I just washed them away with the cool pool water.

As I lifted myself out of the water coach was instructing others to climb in. A hand reached down to help pull me up. I looked up and saw Mark. He complemented me on my stroke, and handed me a towel. As class ended I took in one last glance of Marks body and sighed because in this life I was nothing but an average girl, all the way from my sixty dollar jeans that already had rips in them to the designer shirt.

As I rushed to get to the hot shower .I slipped in a puddle and almost fell. Megan pointed and laughed.

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