the white wolf3: black wolf

January 29, 2010
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White wolf part 3
Black wolf
There was darkness again. But it wasn’t the cold darkness of death. It wasn’t that chill you felt deep in your soul instead of on your skin. It was warm. Not soul warm, but skin warm. I wasn’t dead! I opened my eyes and looked around. I was still at the base of the mountain, but where was the girl? I turned a little and saw bloody snow. My blood. I was still cut and bleeding but it wasn’t badly. I stood up, on weak legs, and moved to where I last saw the girl. I looked for as long as I could then I laid down. I looked up and saw a trail of blood drops leading up to the cougar’s cave. But the cougar fled the other way! O no! I ran as fast as I could ignore the pain going through my body. I finally made it to the cave but instead of seeing the girl, I saw the white wolf lying near the far end of the cave. It gave off a small dim light, and the light was fading. The wolf spirit was dying. It was like seeing me dying in front of the white, except it was backwards. It couldn’t save me, but I would find a way to save it. I ran faster than ever towards the Indian huts. They could help if I could lead them to the wolf spirit. I ran to the shamans hut. My wounds seemed to have healed along the way. I barked, howled and I used body expressions to lead her, but she wouldn’t move. Then she said, “I know who you are and what has happened. I’m sorry but I cannot help her. Her time has come but she will not be reborn, like you.” If she knew what I was saying, maybe I could somehow communicate with her. “ I know what you’re asking, but I cannot help. Once she dies, the moon shall turn black as the night, and she will become filled with the hatred of the world.” She said. “There is, however, one who can help you. Go to were the river first began, and walk upon ancient sand. There you will see what is there to be, and you shall see the horror to be. Go now, the journey will be long. You have one month to complete it. You must head into the sun.” I left in a run back to the cave, and sure enough, the wolf spirits fur, had patches of black through her white fur. I must hurry. I waited with her until the sun came up. When the first shone across the land, illuminating the and sky in a fiery way, I set out on my long journey. I ran during the day and night. The only time I stopped was to take a rest, or to hunt. It was my first week out, when I found my pack! There was the same leader, new pups, and my friend had pups of his own. I couldn’t stay long, so I stayed at the den for a day and left at night. I ran into five rivers, but none had the scent, or look of a very old river. Some had young trees; others had small flowers that would grow into trees. The river of life I found after the second week. Every night I looked at the moon, and a dark blanket was slowly making it was way around it. Time was running out. I reached another river, and it was the one I was looking for. There was a small pond in the middle of a grass field. The grass seemed so young but when I steeped on it, it felt like sand! I kept walking towards the pond. It had small streams leading from it. Those streams must lead to larger rivers. This was where the rivers began, and it didn’t seem to lesson even though there were so many larger rivers connected to a small pond. When I reached the pond I could not see my reflection. In the pond, were a wolfs face should be, was a young boys!!! It was me as a human. I WAS HUMAN AGAIN!!! I looked at my long forgotten fingers. I was happy to be human again, but I still would miss my fur. Wait, how was this supposed to save the white wolf spirit? When I looked again into the pond, there was only blank. The darkness of death. But it was not mine. The wolf spirit was almost dead. It was slipping into the darkness. Then suddenly I knew what I was to do to save the wolf spirit. I was to enter deaths grip, one last time. I jumped into that darkness, and immediately I felt the coldness of death. t his time, when I closed my eyes, I would never open them again. But as fell, I suddenly stopped! I opened my eyes, and I was in front of the wolf spirit. It was almost completely black! There was just a small her dot of white on its back. I tried to rub her fur, but someone said “don’t”. I turned to see who could have said it, and the Indian shaman was sitting in a corner near the entrance. “She is almost dead. The only one that can save her now is you. You are now a sprit like her. You must cleanse her of the hatred she carries.” I walked to her, closed my eyes, and remembered the time I heard her howl. I did the same thing and I was a wolf again. I keep on until the light and warmth that guided my way was now given to her. I opened my eyes, and she was a white wolf. Not a spirit, but a normal wolf. I was a wolf too. “Live your life with her, this is her one wish. To live with one who loves, to live a wolf life. I live and then to die. Goodbye to you both, we shall not meet again.” Then in a wisp of smoke he was gone. I lived my life with white fur, and died a death that I was happy to have, with her.

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