January 28, 2010
By Anonymous

I was walking down to the beach when I saw him, my crush. His dark brown hair glistened when the sun hit it just right. I sat down on my usual rock and started to watch the sunset, but slowly my gaze started to go to him. He is the guy I have always wanted to go out with but never had the guts to ask. Before I knew it the sun was half gone. I had always watched the sun everyday that summer but not today because I was watching him. His gaze met mine I tried not to blush but it happened anyway. I blushed and turned away. I was thinking about asking him while I was twirling a little stick in my hand. Then I looked at him or at least where I thought he was. He was gone. I felt like crying but I didn’t I focused back on the sun. That’s all I ever wanted was to watch the sun but there was something missing. In a fleeting moment it was over my chance and the sunset. Dejectedly I started walking back to my house. When I went to my room I looked out my window and saw the little green, red, and white lights illuminating the boats that where still on the water indicating which way they where going. Then I stood motionless watching the lights thinking… about him.
The next morning I walked across the street to the beach. I lay on my towel and I was about to forget the world when I heard something hard hit the water. It was probably nothing. Somebody probably jumped off the dock.
Then I started to get up but he was walking towards me. I started to stand up but he was already here. He sat on my towel. He patted the spot next to him so I sat next to him. I could tell by the way he was looking into the water he was searching for the courage to say something. The something I was trying to say too. He turned towards me and announced “I like you do you like me?”
By the look in his eyes I could tell he was telling the truth. But, for me, I had to get more proof tonight. I stood up and he stood up with me. I sighed, “You will be my answer tonight when the sun sets.” I then grabbed my towel while he walked to his house. I put my towel on my rock and dove off the dock and got out and started to dry off. Then I started walking to my house. I went up to my room and got dressed and by that time it was already four o’clock so we had dinner. Tacos yum.
Finally the time came. The sun started setting and I went down to the sun set. He was sitting on my rock. Now I knew he was serious. Okay this is my time to shine I walked up to him and poked him. I scared the c*** out of him but he was happy.
He stood up next to me and I stepped closer and whispered, “Yes.” I grabbed his hand. Then we walked down to the water and I held up my left hand in the shape of a half heart and he held up his right hand in the shape of a half heart then we centered the remnants of the sun in the middle. This was it this is all I ever wanted. Someone to watch the sunset with.
For the rest of that summer I watched the sunset everyday not only me but him.

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