It wasn't suspose to happen like this.

January 27, 2010
By bradymachemer BRONZE, Hudson, New Hampshire
bradymachemer BRONZE, Hudson, New Hampshire
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Favorite Quote:
When I think of you I cant help smiling,
knowing that you\'ve completed me somehow.
I love you, not just for now, but for always,
and I dream of the day that you\'ll take me in your arms again.

Landon out his bate on the hook, and I took it. Life with Landon was a roller coaster ride. Suspenseful, scary, fun, crazy, and safe all at the same time. He had his up’s and down’s, but who
doesn’t? I never talked to him till the night we “formally” met.

At Old Homes Days, the zipper was the best ride of all. And of course, you wouldn’t catch me dead on that thing. But after Renee nagging me for a good hour, agents my will, I got in line. And of course, the dirty-smelly-barley speaking English-ride runner guy, split Renee and I up.

I got stuck with Landon Donovan. I don’t remember much about that ride. But it seemed to go on forever. I screamed my head off, and Landon laughed the whole time. I kept saying I was going to die. He told me if I didn’t die on him, he’d buy me a soda. Which after we got off, he did. We talked for hours.

Bethany wasn’t like any other girl I’d shown interest in before. She didn’t have the rock-hard swimmer abs. Sure, she was skinny. But she had hips, and wasn’t straight like a pencil. Which I loved.

She had a good grasp on life. She believed that god had a lot of faith in her. She was mature, but still a little kid at the same time. When she wakes up every morning, she has a yogurt drink. You know, the ones you stop drinking when you’re like, 6? She still drinks them! Her mom makes her cinnamon raisin toast and a fried egg every morning. She’s has the same thing for breakfast sense she was six.

She’s so stubborn. She can argue with me on the stupidest little thing for hours. She’s always early, and I mean for everything. She’s a book worm, always reading something new. Sometimes, she reads to me. It’s like magic. Her eyes light up when she gets to a really good part. It’s like she’s watching a movie.

She’s just so happy to be alive. I can’t believe It took me this long to notice her.

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