January 24, 2010
The morning flows over my window sill and rolls gently across my bed. The harsh light creeps slowly and unabashed over my exposed chest and crashes against my frail eyelids. I moan softly and try to reposition and shield myself from the uninvited light. A husky chuckle sounds from beside me and memories tear through the inside my mind. A guilty giggle escapes my bruised lips as i roll over to grab and taste the warmth beside me with my grin. His arms incase me in a blissful cradle as his fingers glide gently through my hair, down the length of my spine, lingering at my waist, causing my skin to shiver involuntarily with pleasure. I move my head upwards and let my gaze slowly drift to see his soft and gentle brown eyes staring at me, his expression serious and composed but i could see the warmth and compassion that radiated from him as he looked into my eyes. I shift my gaze down to where I let my hand trace nonexistent designs into his bare chest, stopping at where his heart was humming jaggedly beneath the tan flesh. A deep breath interrupts my absentmindedness and I look up again to see him grinning back at me, a single fang overlapping his bottom lip, my heart skipping a beat at the eerily sensual sight.

"How did you sleep?" He whispers in a voice drenched in exhaustion. The words cause heat to rise beneath my cheeks, causing his grin to stretch into a smirk. I interrupt him before he can turn me a new shade of pink.

"Did you sleep at all?" I ask accusingly trying to flush the heat out of my cheeks, but he only leans down and brushes his lips gently against my ear whispering.

"Now why would i do that when the object of my dreams lays in my arms?" My eyes roll back into my head as my entire body flares a deep red. I move to hide my face from his view, but he only sweeps me up on top of him in a quick gentle motion and tightens his grip about me. I nestle my heated forehead against his chest trying futilely to hide the obvious effect he holds over me. I groan playfully as he chuckles that same deep sweet tune. He then lightly brushes the back of his hand from my lower waist against the sensitive skin of my upper back. Fire laces through out my entire body, increasing the reel of my heart to an unhealthy pace. I bite down hard on my bottom lip as his hand takes its sweet time to reach the nape of my neck. Then the graze of the calloused palms of his hands tucks a ringlet of auburn hair behind my ear, resting tenderly against my crimson cheek.

"Do you really wish to deprive me of your beautiful face?" His voice dripping of devotion threaded with the pride of instilling such an effect on me, causes a nervous jagged breath to slowly escape my lips.

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malena65 said...
Feb. 10, 2010 at 3:51 pm
This story sings, the words flow beautifully. I loved it.
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