January 24, 2010
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Your way to pull me in is enticing. I almost can't resist. ALMOST. Well, I mean everyone knows you pretend, even your girlfriend knows. You are so oblivious. She knows that you don't really love her. I don't know if you do. No one does. All we know for now if that it will be over tomorrow. You will break up with her tomorrow. She must be dreading it. She loves you, yet every girl that loves you, you ignore. No one is good enough for you. Yet the girl that is perfect, you never even consider. She may be right in front of you and scream, "It's me! I am the one you want! You love me!" and you would not even guess it. NOT EVEN GUESS IT! Everyone knows you date all the girls just for fun. I mean, we all know, you break hearts and dump girls. But, when you’re done with a girl, you pull me in. You bribe me in with those chocolate brown eyes and heartfelt smile. Well, you have to have options right? Everyone needs options, but you have too many…..

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