Struggles (Chapter 3)

January 23, 2010
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“So what’d you think of the movie?” He asked with a huge smile on his face.

“Um… I guess it was okay, not the scariest movie that I’ve ever seen.”

“Ha you could have fooled me, because I do remember the screaming and the hiding your face in my arm. Yeah it wasn’t that scary.”

“Ha, ha hope you got your laugh of the day.”

“Yeah, actually I had a lot of fun today. More than I actually expected to have that’s for sure.”

“Well I’m glad you had fun, because I had a great time too, and thank you for the movie and pizza.”

“Yeah sure anytime. And thanks for letting me stay with you guys”

“Oh yeah, its no problem.”

“Yeah, so what do you want to do now”

“Um… I say we watch some more scary movies.”

“It’s on.”
So that’s exactly what we did all day and a good part of the night. I had a lot of scary movies, you know living with an eighteen year old brother has its ups. Then, it was like ten forty-five and we were still watching a movie, when I began to fall asleep under his arm. He laid his head on top of mine and I drifted off to sleep. Next thing I new I woke up in my bed, all covered up. I jumped up and the clock said that it was nine thirty. I stretched and walked downstairs. It had stopped snowing and it was Saturday. I remembered that I had to work today at three. When I got downstairs, I grabbed a glass of water, not really hungry right now. Then, I walked over to the TV and turned to my favorite show on animal planet. I went to go sit on the couch and when I did there was a big surprise. I sat and I moved because someone was under me. I heard a grunt and I jumped up and turned around to see Jacob slowly opening his eyes to see what was going on.

“Oh shoot, I’m so sorry.” I said going over to sit on the piece of the couch that was open in front of his stomach.

“Uh… no, no its ok really.” he said slowly propping himself up on his elbow.

“Um… yeah so, how did I end up in my bed all covered up last night?”

“I um… carried you up there and put you in it and put the covers over you. See while you were sleeping I was still watching the movie, and I didn’t want to wake you to tell you to go to your room, so I carried you. Then I came down to clean stuff up and your brother was home by then and told me to just sleep on the couch, so I did.” He said then he yawned.

“Oh, well thank you, then.” I said as I put my hand over his. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was actually beginning to fall for this guy. Then he pulled his hand out from under mine. I looked down and then at him.

“Listen, I got a phone call yesterday from my dad . You see my dad has finally settled everything and he has decided to move us to the next town over. Actually, it‘s a couple of towns over.”

I jumped up from the couch and walked into the kitchen not giving him a response. He followed me into the kitchen trying to put on his jeans. I was standing at the sink, when he came over to me and turned me around. He had put on his jeans, but was shirtless still. I didn’t really mind that at all. But I was kinda still in shock of the news. He held both my shoulders and lowered his head so we would be eye to eye.

“Listen, I was going to tell you last night, but I was having such a great time and that would have ruined it.”
I still didn’t say anything. I couldn’t I was so happy.

“Please say or do something.”
So I did the most logical thing, next to giving a formal response. I grabbed the back of his head and kissed him. That’s right I kissed him. To my belief he kissed me back. Then, I pulled away, trying to read his face, but it was difficult.

“Oh, damn. Finally, I have been wanting to do that since, we were in your bedroom that night.” He said, breathing kinda heavily.

“Uh… really because I have to, but I didn’t know if you were like into me.”

“Oh yeah, I’m surprised you couldn’t tell, I thought I was making it quite clear.”

We both laughed and then we kissed again, only this time it was interrupted by the most unlikely person. Right as we began who stomps into the kitchen, but Alex. I had forgotten she has a key. The only reason I knew she was watching is when I heard the sudden intake of a breathe. I immediately pulled away and wiped my mouth.

“Hey Alex,” I said


“Um… this is uh… my uh…”

“I’m her boyfriend? Jacob,” he said looking my way and winking at me.

“Oh really I am or should I say thought I was her best friend,” she said that and walked out of the room.

“I’ll be back”
I ran after her as fast as I could. When I caught up with her I grabbed her arm and turned her around and pulled her into a hug.

“I’m so sorry,” was all I could say.

“ Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why didn’t you tell me about him and you before I walked in on that.”

“Because I basically just found out myself, like right as you walked in.”

“How is that possible?”

“Well, we never officially said we were “dating” he kinda just thought that was the best way to put it, that’s what I’m guessing.”

“Well, I forgive you anyways. We should go back in and I will apologize and be nice. I mean he is wicked cute.”

“Oh I know.”
So we walked inside and went to the fire, then I realized that Jacob wasn’t in site.

“Hey, um… sit tight for a few, I’m gonna go find Jacob ok.”

“Yeah sure I’m just gonna thaw out.”
I went to the kitchen were I had left him first. Then I went upstairs and went and checked his room. I almost fainted. Everything, and I mean everything of his was gone. The only thing that was left was a note on the bed. I walked over slowly and sat on the bed and picked up the note. It said:

Dear Kristen,

While you were out back talking to Alex, my dad called and said we had to go now. I wanted to say good bye, but it would have ruined everything. Not that leaving without a goodbye doesn’t, but I couldn’t say good bye when I just said hello. I hope you understand why I didn’t. I did it for you.

_ Jacob

P.s. The puppy we can’t bring it with us, I want you to have it!!! I’ll call you soon, when everything is all settled at the new place.

That’s it, that’s all it said. The only explanation he could give me. He kisses me and tells me he fell for me and then just leaves. Thinking about it, I begin to cry. Then I heard a lot of commotion coming up the stairs. Then he ran into the room and picked me up into his arms.

“Oh god, Kristen I’m so sorry.”
I just cried harder and began to fall to the ground and took him with me. We stayed like that till I had no more tears left.

“Oh, man. Kristen the last thing I wanted to do was hurt, so I didn’t say good bye and you and your friend, and then I realized you would still be crushed, so I basically told my dad he could move there on his own. I just couldn’t leave you. Please say you’ll forgive me, or say something.”

“You left… your dad for… me.”

“Yes. I told him I had to do something important before I came.”

“So your still going?”

“Kristen I have to go. Please don’t tell me your gonna make me choose, because its gonna be my dad. Not that you aren’t important because trust me you are, its just that so is he he’s all the family I have left and you know that I couldn’t possibly…”
I cut him off by kissing. If I didn’t stop him there he would have talked for hours and right now I wanted him to shut up. Finally we went downstairs, the first thing I did was through away that awful note, then I reminded Alex we had to go to work in like fifteen minutes. Jacob drove both of us to the store.

“Well, Jacob it was nice meeting you. I hope you have fun in your new town,” said Alex.

“Uh… yeah nice meeting you too.”
Then Alex told me she would see me inside and left.

“So, um… I guess you gotta go then,” he said looking straight ahead.

“Yeah, so do you”

“Yeah, well I have a surprise for you. Um… Well I’m going to come to see you everyday. I mean everyday, no matter what.”

“Really, really oh that’s oh man that’s awesome.”

“I figured you’d like it,” he said chuckling.

“Yeah, well I better go then.”

“Ok,” he leaned over and kissed me so sweetly, it felt like magic.

“Oh yeah by the way your brother knows,” that was the last thing he said before he drove away.

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