The New Girl Part 3

January 22, 2010
By thewritingmichi SILVER, Sunnyvale, California
thewritingmichi SILVER, Sunnyvale, California
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Tick. Tick. Dong! The bell for the last class had rung.
The students hurriedly left the dance studio.
“Remember the quiz tomorrow.” Miss Miriah reminded them as they left.
“Yes! It’s time for the last class.” Millie jumped happily outside.
Michele amusedly followed closely behind. “What’s your last class?”
“I have English Literature. Good luck in your last class!” Millie quickly sped off to her next class.
Michele strolled over to the Chemistry lab, which was 3 rooms away.
She opened the door to Chemistry, to find Gary sitting in the room again.
“What in the world?” Michele shouted in exasperation.
Gary smirked as he leaned back on his desk. “Wow, this is ironic. So, how about that date?
Michele scoffed in annoyance. “I rejected you twice. Why can’t you accept that?”
“Because I am THE Gary Oaken; I never get rejected.” Gary replied haughtily.
Michele kneaded her forehead with her fingers while placing her backpack on the desk. “Dear Lord, you’ve got issues.”
“I do not.” Gary angrily whispered in response. However, before any other word could be said, Mrs. Krawly, the chemistry teacher walked in and promptly started class.
Michele only rolled her eyes at Gary before focusing on the board.

Brrrrrinnnnggggg! The bell signaled the end of the school day.
“Yes!!!!! Freedom!” was the first thing which came out of most of the students’ mouths. Michele quickly dashed out of the room before Gary could talk to her again. She met up with Millie and Andy who were standing nearby her locker.
“Hey! How was your last class?” inquired Millie.
“Oh, it was interesting. Who knew that Gary Oaken was also in my Chemistry class?”
“Was he continually asking you out?”
“Yes. I already rejected him three times already. Doesn’t he get the message?”
“Knowing him, probably not.”
Both girls turned to Ash.
“That guy hasn’t been rejected by any girl at this school before you came. He’s considering you as a challenge which he must overcome.”
“I’m serious.”
“Great. And he’s in like three of my classes.”
“Don’t worry Michele.” Millie reassured. “Hopefully, he’ll get tired of pursuing you.”
“That is, hopefully.” Michele glanced down at her watch. “Whoops! I have to go home. I promised Mom that I would help her unpack at our new house.”
“Do you need some help?”
“No thanks. I think we’re fine. Thanks for asking though. Later!” Michele ran down the sidewalk to her house.
“Bye Michele!” was Millie’s cheerful farewell. Worried aquamarine eyes turned to scarlet eyes.
“Chill out Millie. She’ll be just fine.”
“Oh. I hope so.”

Michele continued sprinting towards her house. She met up with a taller woman with short black hair.
“Ah Michele, you’re back!” Can you help me unpack our boxes in the house? The movers brought all our stuff inside.”
“Sure thing, Mom.”
Michele and her mom entered the house and immediately started unpacking the boxes.

Michele had finished unpacking the last box in her room. She looked around the room and sighed tiredly before falling back onto her bed. All too soon, the door bell rang.
“Michele, can you get that? It might be our new neighbors.”
“Alright, I’ll get it.” Her eyes searched for a picture frame on her desk before she placed in face down. She hurriedly rushed down the stairs from her room to the front door. Michele opened the door to find Gary Oaken behind it.
Michele’s eyes rose with shock. Gary looked a little perturbed.
“What are you doing here? Are you stalking me?”
“I was going to ask you the same question. Besides, I live right next door.”
“Serious?” Michele glanced out her door.
“Totally.” Gary confirmed pointing to his house.
“So you really are my neighbor.”
“Yeah, so maybe it’s time for that date.”
“Oh God, I have to deal with you at school and now at home? Great, but really what are you doing here?”
“I’m being a friendly neighbor.”

Flashback to 2 minutes ago:

“Gary, why don’t you greet our new neighbors? They just moved here yesterday.”

“Why don’t you go, Gramps?”

“I’ll come later. I heard that they have a daughter around your age.”

‘Sweet! Another girl to hit on! I’m in!’

“Ok Gramps, I’ll go over.”

“And that’s what happened.”
“You are such a flirt.”
He shrugged. “It doesn’t matter since I’m currently not dating anyone, unless you changed your mind...”
“Oh no, I’m good.”
“Are you sure? It’s not everyday that you get asked out by the mighty Gary Oaken.”
“You’re really full of yourself.”
“Oh my!” The two teenagers glanced to the left at the voice coming from Michele’s mom.
“You must be our new neighbor.” She glanced at both. “Have you met my daughter, Michele?”
“Why yes, madam. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her in school.”
Michele rolled her eyes at Gary’s statement.
“That’s great Michele! You have a new friend now.”
“So you must be the new neighbors I’ve heard about.” The three people turned around to see a man with gray hair walking towards them. He introduced himself.
“I am Professor Sidney Oaken, but you can call me Sid. This is my grandson, Gary.”
“I’m pleased to meet you.” Gary answered.
“Likewise, it is a pleasure to meet you both. My name is Lillian Patterson, and this is my daughter, Michele.”
“I’m pleased to meet you as well.” Michele responded.
“Michele, do you go to Palletory Prep?” asked Professor Oaken.
“Yes I do, sir.”
“Then you must have met Gary.”
“Yes, I’ve met him in classes.”
“I see. I hope he hasn’t imposed on you, Lillian.”
“Oh no, not at all, Sid, in a matter of fact, why don’t you two come in for some tea?”
“Really, I couldn’t impose on you at all.”
“No, I insist. Michele and I are done unpacking, so we would be happy to make both of you some tea.”
“Oh, alright, I’ll come in if you insist.”
“So please come in.” Michele and Lillian took off their shoes before heading towards the kitchen. Professor Oaken and Gary followed, taking off their shoes before making their way towards the kitchen. Lillian came out of the kitchen and directed them towards the living room.
“Lillian, I feel that I must help.”
“Of course not, you are our guest. Michele will be just fine.”
“Gramps, I’ll help if it’s ok with Mrs. Patterson.”
“Go ahead Gary.”
“Thanks.” Was the reply before Gary walked towards the kitchen.

The author's comments:
Third Part is up!

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This article has 4 comments.

on Feb. 19 2010 at 11:34 pm
thewritingmichi SILVER, Sunnyvale, California
8 articles 0 photos 5 comments
I'm glad you like it! Hopefully, I'll get some more posted soon!

on Feb. 18 2010 at 8:22 pm
Mykindapeopledontcarewhatyouthink BRONZE, Gueydan, Louisiana
2 articles 0 photos 124 comments
don't stop it's sooooooooooooooo good

on Feb. 1 2010 at 6:37 pm
thewritingmichi SILVER, Sunnyvale, California
8 articles 0 photos 5 comments
Thanks so much for reading! :D I hope to post more soon!

on Feb. 1 2010 at 6:23 pm
contrygurl BRONZE, Sanbernardino, California
4 articles 0 photos 117 comments

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wow this is good i cant wait for the other one u just got ur first loyal reader =)


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