Same Ways

January 22, 2010
Once there was a girl named Sara and she fell in love with a boy named Joe. They knew each other very well since 1st grade. There moms knew each other very well as they did. Nobody knew how Sara felt deep down because she never decided to tell anyone. Joe finally came over to her house and told her how she really felt. So they actually started dating after so many years of hiding it from each other. They always laughed and had a good time when they were together. The next day she asked him if he really loved her, and he said yes of course I do and I always have. Then they both smiled and they kissed it was so romantic. She also told him that she wants to run away with him and to have a happy life. He really didn’t think about it and he just said yes, then they actually left and didn’t tell anyone about it. Once they left there moms just got back from having dinner together. They didn’t find any of there stuff, so they called the cops. About 1 year later both of there mom’s got a phone call and they were told that there children were dead. When Sara’s mom got off the phone she just stared out her window and there they were both of them Sara and Joe lying on the ground dead, but with a smile on there faces.

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