The Sands Of Time Chapter 2

January 21, 2010
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That day I was riding up and down the streets in the historic district hoping to find something to do, or someone who didn’t know my name, when I found a yard sale. I love old school stuff like stereos and records and, well, pretty much all old stuff. So I pulled my charger to the side of the road and went to check it out. For the most part pretty standard stuff, clothes with holes in them from moths, mismatched shoes, crappy furniture. A pretty lame sale, or so I thought. I decided to give it one last chance and check out the stuff they had set up in the two car garage. Turned out to be a big disappointment, until something caught my eye. An hourglass tucked almost out of view. About a foot tall black mahogany base and columns carved into the shape of the seraphim, one of the choirs of angels, filled with black sand that didn’t seem to pour. There was a big “do not touch” sign taped to it.

The sign is probably what hooked me. I wanted it, bad.
“Sir what’s the deal with the clogged hourglass in the corner?” I asked the old guy that seemed to be running the show.
“Don not touch that son, in fact it would be best if you stayed out of the garage!” The man was up out of his chair and by my side surprisingly fast considering he had to be seventy.
“Whoa chill I was just asking what the deal with it is.”
“To ask is pointless, you couldn’t convince me to sell that hourglass.”
“Sorry, you must have me confused with a normal person. I want that hourglass.” My first mistake.
“Son, if God himself asked me for this hourglass he couldn’t have it.”
“Well I’m not God, I have more money than he does.. I am a Knight and money is no issue. Now how much for the hourglass?” My second mistake.
“Money isn’t the issue no one….did you say Knight?” Uh-oh.
“Yeah Ace. The fourth why?”
“I remember my grandfather telling me about an Ace Knight, he said he was a good honest man. Maybe I could let you have the hourglass.” SWEET!!! It worked!
“Alright pops how much?”
“Free, you can have it under the condition that it leaves here wrapped and if it becomes too much you bring it back.”

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