Gray's Love

January 25, 2010
Rain falls outside my room and puddles form beneath my window. I put down the book I was trying to read and run my hands through my hair. I wonder where Gray is right now. He said he would stop by sometime around 3pm but its 5 and he hasn’t called. He probably forgot; again. I love him its just that he doesn’t care enough about me like I do him. Though he says he does. I throw a pillow across the room out of frustration but no sound comes from it. Almost like me I could scream and yell but no one would hear me because no one cares to.
I sit back down not knowing what to do. I hear a car start to come down the street and strain my neck to see whose it is. I sigh as I see it is only the next-door neighbor; no one important. I lean back and bang my head against the wall. I start to cry out of frustration and anger. I always promised myself that I would never make someone important if I was not important to them, but here I am crying and worrying about a boy, a boy who forgets and doesn’t call time after time.
Gray is the person I never knew existed, that one boy that seems to make your whole life complete but then again drives you completely insane. He makes me smile when he is around and makes me cry when he’s not. He talks about caring for me and loving me but his actions just don’t show it. I wish he would just give me what I want; time, that’s all time to show him how much I feel.
Suddenly my phone vibrates as my heart jumps into my throat, it has to be Gray. I look at the screen and feel disappointed, only Jackie, my best friend. She knows how I feel about Gray but I haven’t told how much it hurts to be with him too. I only show and tell her about the good times not the frequent bad.
“Hello, oh hi ummm not doing anything right now but Gray should be here soon, yea okay I’ll talk to you later, bye”
I plop onto the bed feeling defeated. I didn’t even want to tell my best friend what a terrible day I was having. It’s raining, my boyfriend doesn’t call when he says, he doesn’t come when he says he will and my best friend doesn’t even know I am miserable.
I pick up the phone and call Gray’s cell phone. As usual he doesn’t pick up. I feel my self-pitying start to turn into anger. If he really cared he would have been here or he would have called, I started to cry out of frustration; frustration because everything should have been right but instead everything was wrong.
Suddenly a knock sounded at the front door. I looked out the window and the knot in my stomach tightened; Gray. Looking through the window I saw the dark angel in my life, the raven-haired boy with the sea green eyes. The one that could twist my life into whatever he wanted too. As I opened the door I could see Gray starting to smile, roses in his hand.
“Hi, baby, sorry I’m late. Had to do a few things, but I am here now and we are going to have a great night”.
I gathered all the breath in my body and grasped the words on the tip on my tongue. “ No…. no Gray, it isn’t all right. I care about you so much; I would do anything for you, but not be unhappy. I shouldn’t have too. Its over, all of this. Take your flowers; take your smiles and apologies and leave. I’ll see you around”
I looked at my dark angel one last time and shut the door. I turned on my heels, picked up my cell phone, and dialed the number I knew best.
“hi Jackie, I need to talk…”

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Starfire said...
Jan. 28, 2010 at 6:36 pm
cool this is so great and really interesting!^.^
marina9 said...
Jan. 28, 2010 at 5:48 pm
Wow! I can completely completely completely relate!! This was great. I've been there, feeling like that time and time again. The last part I think I couldn't do though. But that was great! AND one of my favorites now :)
Lovestonedloser said...
Jan. 27, 2010 at 6:55 pm
This is great. You're an amazing writer..Comment on some of mine please?
himu131195 replied...
Jan. 28, 2010 at 8:28 am
its really really great!!
i can so connect to the main charecter but I know i can't do what she did...ossum story!
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