White Oleanders

January 20, 2010
By lexisklok. BRONZE, St. Joesph, Missouri
lexisklok. BRONZE, St. Joesph, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"loneliness is the human condition."-Janet Fitch, White Oleanders.

The wind blew the smell of lavender through the evening air, blowing the girl's stringy black hair around her face. She opened her dark eyes to observe her swaying surroundings. The field she stood in waiting was dotted with tiny brushes of lavender, moving as if the wind were music. It howled once, ending its song and stilling everything. The crunch of footsteps on plants reached her ears and hands fell on her shoulders. She turned to look into brown eyes. He smiled softly as he gave her a single white oleander, with a petal missing. She smiled faintly as she took the flower smelling it, deeply inhaling its scent like cocaine and plucking a petal off. She handed the flower back to the boy who was now sitting, eyelids fluttering. She sat down next to him and placed the oleander petal in her mouth, feeling the texture of it. Lying down next to the boy, she bit into it. Letting the bitter taste wash over her. The boy lie next to her now, slipping his hand into hers as the oleander's poison stopped the beating of both of their hearts. As their last breaths were released the wind began to sing again.

Oleander n.
A poisonous Eurasian evergreen shrub (Nerium oleander) having fragrant white, rose, or purple flowers, whorled leaves, and long follicles containing numerous comose seeds. Also called rosebay.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in the middle of class just after reading White Oleanders by Janet Fitch, a BEAUTIFUL book and having Demolition Lovers-My Chemical Romance stuck in my head.

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