Stare - My Beginning -

January 20, 2010
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I slept nicely, and awoke nicely. Silently laughing at myself and him. Constantly I collided with the wall my way down the winding stairs to the kitchen. My body shook violently as a shiver ran down my spine and the hair on my arms pricked upwards. I rubbed them aggressively hoping to dispel the goosebumps. The carpet cuddled my toes and I proceeded towards the thermostat.

Up, up, up. Bit more. Good a nice 68 degrees at-

I glanced at the clock above the large flat screen television.

6:15 am.

Though I wasn't hungry I knew I would be soon and walked over to the kitchen. I winced at the cold touch of the tile on my feet. The cold is my friend, but not the freezing cold. I tip-toed to decrease the coldness to the cereal cupboard.

Today, let us have...raisin bran? No, I don't really feel like being healthy right now.

I snickered, and greedily reached for the Corn Pops in the back. They were pretty full from the sound of placing it on the counter. I balanced on one toe and placed my hand on the wall behind me and reached for the fridge handle.

I think I grew! I can finally reach it.

Then I realized I was just farther away from the counter than usual.

The milk was on the wall of the fridge by the juice and eggs. I glanced at the expiration date.

It's still good.

I poured myself the cereal and sloshed it around. After eating a few bites I realized it was silent other than my chewing and the cooing sound from the heater. I tried out my psychokinesis ability.


“Ugh,” I slumped out of the bar chair at the kitchen Hawaii and got the remote. It took a moment to turn on and came onto MTV.

Why the hell was I watching this crap channel? Oh right, Teen Mom was on. The only actually good show I've seen on this crappy channel. S***, I missed the premiere of the new show with those dudes and that list. What ever.

I scrunched my lips to the side, changed the channel to watch “Family Matters”, and continued munching on the delicious sugary cereal. At the commercial I placed my hand behind my neck and propped my elbow on the island. My left hand sloshed around the left over milk.

I wonder how he starts his morning? Probably wakes up at 7 o'clock. Like every other kid at my school. Well, guess what. I get the nonexistent worm!

I dumped the leftover milk down the drain of the silver sink and plopped on the couch. Nothing was on the other channels. Some “funny” sitcoms were on that I never laughed to, when alone. The clock hand was at 7 o'clock and I frolicked up the stairs. Turned to the left and prepared for school.

I wanna wear...these black skinny jeans. This milk-tan slightly over-sized t-shirt with the printed bold words that say “Macho Punk”, and my Scottish plaid vest. Now for the nice scarf with frills at the ends. My awesomely adorable white and black shoes with red lines twisting and turning on them. Awww, don't I look odd but still smexy?

I flung my plain black backpack over my shoulder and struggled to put my arms through the straps.

Today is not gonna be the best.

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