The Hawk's Triumph- Epilogue

January 20, 2010
By wishful_thinker SILVER, Virginia Beach, Virginia
wishful_thinker SILVER, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Anabella and Wes continued to work with the Order of the Hawk. Eventually, the king was murdered by the queen, who was executed for her sin. The Order triumphed, but not without the acknowledgement of the sacrifice the queen made for them. Since none of the Order were important enough to get him alone in a jousting match of a sort, the queen saved many lives and ended a long conspiracy.

Once the king was killed, it was discovered that Anabella was the daughter of the queen by another man. No one knew who was father was, so it was left open-ended. The court decided that the four year old prince was much too young to rule, so the court would make the decisions. The people of the Order were recognized in the court, but were not discriminated against. And the awful advisor fled the town after the king’s death, leaving one less retched person in the land. The court also lifted the absurd laws that the king had set in motion, and became much more generous. As time moved on, Anabella did marry Wes, and everyone lived happily ever after. Except, that is, the advisor.

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Good work, Anacakes!

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